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November 2011 Virgo Love Horoscope

Close to home

There are a couple of interesting twists to your social life this month. November starts with the Sun in passionate Scorpio, which occupies your 3rd House of Communication. The combination of this psychologically and emotionally deep sign in this chatty part of your chart is a little odd. It's about the power of intimate conversations, or saying a lot with a few words. Secrecy is normally valued under these conditions. However, there's a shift on Nov. 2 that is likely to open your mouth and your heart.

Mercury, the messenger planet and ruler of your sign, enters easygoing Sagittarius and your 4th House of Family on Nov. 2. This can open your eyes wide about your past and about your current living situation. New awareness about the family patterns that still mark your behavior is likely to emerge. This also means that if you're with someone you trust, you might be ready to open up and reveal a bit more of yourself than usual. Venus, the love planet, also moves into your 4th house on this same day, which is excellent for entertaining at home or reconnecting with someone from your past. It could also ignite a sense of adventure to spice up a current union or make you bolder in pursing a new one.

One Nov. 10 passionate Mars enters Virgo and your 1st House of Personality to give you a push toward connecting with others. This is a great time for a fresh start that could include a change of style, greater physical activity and being more assertive in expressing your desires.