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September 2011 Virgo Love Horoscope

Avoid Over-Thinking

There are some excellent astrological opportunities for you to shine in your personal life this month. September begins with the expressive Sun and alluring Venus in your sign, which puts you in the spotlight where you're likely to look very good. Just don't turn up your critical eye to a degree of sharpness that is sure to find flaws everywhere you look. Problems or weaknesses are only worth identifying when you can do something positive about them. Otherwise, be kinder to yourself than usual so you can ride the Venusian wave of attraction you've got going for you without derailing the love train over some petty little imperfection.

On September 8, your brainy ruling planet Mercury enters Virgo to upgrade your verbal skills and deepen your capacity for analysis. Good judgment and common sense should be assets, yet if you look too closely at anyone, you'll find enough flaws to turn you off. Over-thinking can get in the way of the wisdom of the heart, which knows more about love than the head ever will.

Investing in activities and objects that make you feel more attractive is the message of the lovely Libra New Moon in your 2nd House of Self-Worth on September 27. There are equal amounts of sweetness and sass with this event, so allow yourself some experimentation and edginess when it comes to your appearance. Knowing how to alter your look from safe and simple to radically and provocative is a great way to have fun and expand your social opportunities.