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April Horoscope 2012

A Higher Sense of Purpose

Although spring officially started on March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere, we'll really be feeling the flow of the new season this month. Two planets that have been backpedaling in the zodiac shift into forward gear to give more oomph to our activities and freshness to our ideas. Mental Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on April 4 as it turns direct in fantasy-filled Pisces. Conversations put on hold and contacts that have been hard to make finally get rolling now. However, it's wise not to push ahead too quickly until Mercury returns to speedy Aries on April 16. Then the fiery force of this dynamic sign will empower ideas and encourage bold presentations.

An even bigger shift this month is Mars' return to forward motion on April 13. The most aggressive planet of them all has been spinning its wheels in a reversal period that started on January 23. Getting new projects off the ground has been complicated by the need to make constant adjustments. Now that the warrior planet has righted itself and slowly begun to advance again, activities that have been on hold may start to move, as well. This turnabout is especially important now because Mars is the key or ruling planet of Aries, the sign the Sun occupies until April 19. This is the sign of the pioneer, inspiring us to take risks. Mars' presence in refined Virgo, however, requires well-developed skills and proper tools to launch a successful project.

Finding a balance between self-interest and pleasing others is the message of the Full Moon in Libra on April 6. This accommodating lunar position opposes the Sun in independent and impulsive Aries. Figuring out when to compromise to please others and when to ignore them to act on our own instincts is the challenge of this lunation. A positive way to combine these contrasting ideas is to recognize that bold plans (Aries) usually require the support of others. Making sacrifices to please allies is worth the price as long as all personal freedom isn't lost along the way. Being able to shift gears quickly from a self-driven approach to a collaborative one and back again is a key to making personal and professional breakthroughs.

It's time to put feet on solid ground when the Sun enters earthy Taurus on April 19. The brilliant new ideas or itchiness for change that started with the Sun in Aries will require the nourishment of time, patience, practicality and material resources to turn them into reality. The sign of the Bull is ideal for fulfilling these needs. While there's a tendency toward stubbornness in this sign, the Taurus New Moon on April 21 is a motivating force for making changes. Mars in Virgo's harmonious 120-degree trine to this Sun-Moon conjunction supplies motivation and increased productivity. Yet a favorable 60-degree sextile from compassionate Neptune to the New Moon supplies a splash of imagination and kindness that tempers the urge to get things done with a higher sense of purpose.