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April 2012 Aquarius Horoscope

Exploring new territory

Obstacles fall by the wayside this month as you break free from whatever limitations have been holding you back. If you've been stuck in a boring routine, the pace of events in your personal life picks up nicely on April 3, when flirty Venus dances into interactive Gemini and quicksilver Mercury turns direct on April 4.

A second energetic boost arrives when enterprising Mars -- which has been retrograde in your 8th House of Transformation since January 23 -- also commences moving forward on April 13. Changes that began last year and then were put on the back burner for one reason or another now take center stage as your recent efforts to deepen relationships finally start to bring results.

The busyness of your daily schedule is further emphasized by the Sun, which is in go-getter Aries and your 3rd House of Communication until April 19; then it moves into placid Taurus and your 4th House of Home and Family. You won't have much time to relax, however, because loquacious Mercury shifts into pioneering Aries and your noisy 3rd House on April 16 to assure that you continue pushing into new territory.

You're ready for an adventure or to expand your mind through a new course of learning when the relationship-oriented Libra Full Moon on April 6 brightens your 9th House of Travel and Education. However, several uncomfortable aspects to the Full Moon suggest that without conscious restraint, your big ideas may be so ungrounded that disgruntled disappointment can quickly replace your overeager optimism.

Thankfully, the pragmatic Taurus New Moon on April 21 activates your 4th House of Foundations, and it's just what you need to help you get back in the groove. It forms a stabilizing Grand Earth Trine with action-planet Mars and incisive Pluto, providing you with enough stamina and fortitude to follow through on what you've already begun.

Keep in Mind this Month
No matter how chaotic your life grows, let yourself feel anticipation for the wonderful experiences around the corner.

Key Dates for Aquarius

April 4 - 7: The Trouble with Love
You struggle to focus your attention on specific details when rational Mercury's direct turn in mystical Pisces stimulates your dreams on April 4. Expansive Jupiter's metaphysical quintile with intoxicating Neptune adds to the surreal quality of the day. Romantic fantasies can be alluring but disorienting as beautiful Venus in your 5th House of Love and Play forms a confusing square to Neptune on April 5. It's not easy to balance your needs with your partner's wishes on April 6, when the accommodating Libra Full Moon floods your 8th House of Deep Sharing with emotions that don't fit into your current relationship dynamics. A scrappy Venus-Mars square on April 7 may create conflict or sparks as your sassy approach differs in style from someone close to you.

April 21 - 25: Stick to the Plan
Your goals seem quite reachable on April 21, thanks to the sensible Taurus New Moon, yet an erratic Mercury-Uranus conjunction in your 3rd House of Information on April 22 has you prematurely jumping to conclusions. Following your plans is a dependable strategy with the Sun's trine to Mars in methodical Virgo on April 23. However, changing your course midstream could provoke intense resistance from Mercury's square to unwavering Pluto on April 25.