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December 2011 Aquarius Horoscope

Surprise ending

Even with three planets turning direct this month, December finishes with some stormy weather that is likely to alter your plans. Uncontainable Uranus, your ruling planet, goes direct on Dec. 10 to release pent-up tension in the weeks to follow. You're ready to plunge ahead with a project that has been on the back burner for months, or perhaps to finally take a big step toward freedom. The urge to act is reinforced by the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini, also on Dec. 10, rattling your 5th House of Self-Expression. However, a stressful square from picky Mars in your 8th House of Shared Resources suggests that you may encounter resistance from a worried partner. Messenger Mercury's forward turn in your 11th House of Groups on Dec. 13 suggests that a close colleague or friend can assist you with this process.

A delightful breeze on Dec. 20 blows stylish Venus into your sign, where she polishes up your appearance, updates your image, and makes you feel better about yourself. The Sun's ingress into conservative Capricorn on Dec. 22 is the Winter Solstice, normally a period of deep reflection in your 12th House of Inner Peace -- but it's more likely to be restless this year, with the Sun's stressful aspects to rowdy Uranus on Dec. 22 and Pluto on Dec. 29. The disciplined Capricorn New Moon on Dec. 24 continues this wave of change, with unpredictable Uranus and transformational Pluto upsetting the order that you seek.

Keep in Mind this Month
If you're willing to make minor adjustments as needed, you won't have to make radical changes at the last minute.

Key Dates for Aquarius

Dec. 1 - 2: Love is a Battlefield
A complex conjunction of loving Venus and inscrutable Pluto in your soulful 12th House of Separation could leave you feeling unappreciated on Dec. 1. This sense of isolation or even betrayal can be painful, yet it clarifies your needs and shows you what it will take to fulfill them. An aggressive Sun-Mars square on Dec. 2 puts you in the middle of a conflict that's not of your making.

Dec. 20 - 22: Reaching for New Heights
You struggle to avoid excess when lavish Venus dances into Aquarius and squares opulent Jupiter on Dec. 20. Eating, drinking, spending, or loving too much could prove more costly than you anticipated. However, Venus' smart sextile with surprising Uranus on Dec. 21 calls on you to be flexible and ready for change. The Sun's entry into ambitious Capricorn on Dec. 22 doesn't reflect the usually cautious nature of this sign, since an enthusiastic trine from Jupiter and electrical jolts from a Uranus square provoke you to act boldly in pursuit of your dreams.