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July 2012 Aquarius Horoscope

Back up to get ahead

You must turn around and retrace your steps in relationships this month, as messenger Mercury retrogrades in your 7th House of Partners on July 14. This event signals the importance of reconsidering and, where necessary, renegotiating your agreements with others. Additionally, your provocative ruling planet Uranus turns backward in your 3rd House of Communication on July 13, reinforcing the necessity of double-checking expectations that come to light during conversations with those close to you.

Fortunately, you receive assistance as you redress relationship imbalances on July 3, when Mars enters cooperative Libra, facilitating your ability to compromise. You'll need the steady rudder of reason as the normally orderly Capricorn Full Moon lights up your 12th House of Privacy, also on July 3, triggering revelations from your subconscious and exposing secrets. The Moon is conjunct obsessive Pluto, square rebellious Uranus, and aspects reactive Mercury, producing a volatile cocktail of mistrust, anger and suspicion that can rock your world. It's difficult to remain detached if you feel betrayed by others or disappointed by your own failure, but punishment only prolongs the pain without providing any answers.

The time is right for a thoughtful and serious commitment to long-term change, rather than trying to resolve your issues overnight. Establishing healthy routines at home and work may not sound exciting, but it'll earn you peace of mind you're unlikely to find any other way.

An electrifying Mars-Uranus opposition on July 18 sparks unusual behavior, yet the tenacious Cancer New Moon on July 19 is stressed by a square with cautious Saturn that rewards patience and makes haste especially costly. Happily, an eye-opening Jupiter-Uranus sextile and the Sun's entry into theatrical Leo on July 22 are bound to get your creative juices flowing again.

Keep in Mind this Month
Changing the rules in a relationship is neither irresponsible nor weak when it's an authentic response to your needs.

Key Dates for Aquarius

July 3-4: Out of the Shadows
You could easily become entangled in a dangerous intrigue or swallowed up by negative emotions during the somber Capricorn Full Moon of July 3. It's wise to mind your own business, which is likely to be more than enough for you to handle. Fortunately, you can quickly rise from despair as flirty Venus and friendly Mercury create positive aspects with inventive Uranus on July 4. This rapidly refreshes your thinking with a new perspective and rejuvenates your social life with fresh forms of fun.

July 22-25: Get Smart
Your genius jells on July 22, when the Sun enters animated Leo and an experimental Jupiter-Uranus sextile opens your mind to visionary people and fascinating ideas. Factual Mercury fills in details and facilitates getting your messages across when it forms easy connections to Jupiter and Uranus on July 24-25. The messenger planet's retrograde period makes this an ideal time to resurrect interesting old ideas, repackage them, and present them to others in provocatively new and entertaining forms.