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May 2012 Aquarius Horoscope

Trouble on easy street

Although your feet are on the ground and you're confident about achieving success this month, step back and reconsider what you want most or you might end up heading in the wrong direction. The Sun is in solid Taurus until May 20, activating your 4th House of Foundations. Meanwhile, the insightful Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 illuminates your 10th House of Status, revealing complexities in professional and social relationships that affect your progress at work and in the community. But the Sun's conjunction with prosperous Jupiter on May 13 fills you with such a strong sense of well-being that you're tempted to set your goals too high and then try to pursue them anyhow.

Fortunately, a steadying Grand Earth Trine with energizing Mars and compelling Pluto on May 13-16 is anchored by thoughtful Mercury in your personal 4th House, demanding that you contemplate the consequences of your actions prior to starting something you won't be able to finish.

On May 15, you start to reevaluate the path you're on when crafty Venus turns retrograde in curious Gemini. The love planet backpedals through your 5th House of Love and Play until June 27, unleashing your quirky creativity, scattering your attention and distracting you from your primary obligations. You can make a clean break from the past on May 20 when the Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse rattles your spontaneous 5th House to illuminate the differences between your serious ambitions and how you're currently spending your time. Thankfully, you can catch a wave of positive change on May 27-28 when Mercury and the Sun conspire with futuristic Uranus.

Keep in Mind this Month
Pay attention to what's happening when everything is copasetic -- that's exactly when you're most likely to make a bad judgment call.

Key Dates for Aquarius

May 12-16: Overcoming Adversity
You're sure that things are spinning out of control on May 12, when the Sun forms an anxious semisquare with unpredictable Uranus. On May 15, pleasure-seeking Venus begins her retrograde period in restless Gemini, tempting you to repeat a recent mistake as you try to fulfill your desires. Meanwhile, communicator Mercury's trines with Mars and Pluto on May 13-14 enable you to talk about very difficult issues without panicking. Additionally, a unifying Mars-Pluto trine on May 16 blesses you with a deep well of physical stamina and spiritual energy, empowering you to pick yourself up, handle the complex circumstances, and move on.

May 20-22: Zip It
This is an exciting yet disruptive time for you, given the Sun's shift into lighthearted Gemini and your 5th House of Fun and Games, followed by a liberating New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 20. A restraining Mercury-Saturn quincunx on May 21 could mean that communication is frustrating if you aren't willing to lay a proper foundation before trying to make your point. Your intellect is evident, but you could easily get carried away with your ideas or with the sound of your own voice as chatty Mercury conjuncts inexhaustible Jupiter on May 22.