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November 2011 Aquarius Horoscope

A little help from your friends

You're usually an awesome team player, which will come in handy with all the group activities this month. The action starts in your 11th House of Friends on Nov. 2, when the affable pair of Mercury and Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius. You're likely to be popular, especially when you're generous with encouragement and stingy with criticism. You long to turn away from the demands of the world and cuddle up in the safety of your home with the cozy Taurus Full Moon in your 4th House of Roots on Nov. 10. You may decide that the price you're paying for public success is leaving you without enough personal time, and that you need to put your life in balance.

Impatient Mars' move into picky Virgo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on Nov. 10 adds more pressure to relationships. You're not dealing with theoretical issues; this is about making things work at the highest level of efficiency and with the lowest degree of fuss. The Sun's move into extroverted Sagittarius on Nov. 22 helps you shine in any social situation. It's critical to avoid assuming extra tasks since trickster Mercury turns retrograde on Nov. 24, and everything will take longer than it should. The Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on Nov. 25 is stressed by a tense square from Mars that can incite an argument, but a trine from maverick Uranus can show you unconventional ways to bypass conflict.

Keep in Mind this Month
Being right doesn't mean that you'll be heard. Pick your words and situations carefully when conveying important messages.

Key Dates for Aquarius

Nov. 2 - 3: Out of the Box
You're ahead of the pack mentally and socially with clever Mercury and charming Venus firing into your 11th House of Community on Nov. 2. Both planets make scintillating trines with Uranus on Nov. 3, enabling you to demonstrate your brilliance and originality. Share your bright ideas with those who are clever enough to appreciate them.

Nov. 22 - 23: Genius at Work
You should be firing on all cylinders as the Sun shifts into risk-taking Sagittarius on Nov. 22 and releases its full potential with a brilliant trine to groundbreaking Uranus on Nov. 23. You are a natural leader, inspiring others with your visionary perspective and faith in the future. But you also know the right way to push others with an instinctive trine between Mars and Pluto on Nov. 23. This shows that you're not all razzle-dazzle, but are committed to working your tail off and doing what it takes to produce results.