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October 2011 Aquarius Horoscope

Climb to the top

Professional matters demand more attention this month as planets plow through your 10th House of Career. On Oct. 9, socially skillful Venus shifts into perceptive Scorpio, deepening your understanding of your co-workers or clients. These insights should make you more effective in motivating others and getting the most out of your on-the-job relationships.

Creative thinking precipitated by the uncontainable Aries Full Moon in your 3rd House of Information on Oct. 11 meets resistance from an opposition by stately Saturn. If any bright ideas suddenly spring to mind, consider them carefully before presenting them in a formal setting. Verbal Mercury's move into secretive Scorpio on Oct. 13 requires discretion. Communicate selectively rather than broadcasting your beliefs to everyone in your address book.

The Sun's entry into magnetic Scorpio and your 10th house on Oct. 23 raises your public profile and increases your professional responsibilities. But simple logic isn't enough to assure that you make the best decisions now; learning to trust your gut can make the difference between success and failure.

On Oct. 26, the Scorpio New Moon in your 10th house encourages ambition. An opposition from optimistic Jupiter emboldens you to aim higher at work, yet don't overcommit and ignore personal issues at home. Still, Jupiter's trine with indefatigable Pluto on Oct. 28 reveals a reserve of energy that allows you to cover all the bases.

Keep in Mind this Month

Playing your cards close to the vest puts you in a stronger position to win than revealing every move you're going to make in advance.

Key Dates for Aquarius


Oct 10 - 14: Delicate negotiations

You probably aren't in the mood to play by the rules on Oct. 10, when cooperative Venus is rubbed raw by a quincunx with rowdy Uranus. Minor irritations, though, can explode in verbal confrontations on Oct. 11, with the fiery Aries Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication. Getting your feelings out in the open isn't as risky as it sounds, since mental Mercury's soothing trine with compassionate Neptune on Oct. 12 fosters forgiveness. Trust requires clarity when the Sun conjuncts rigorous Saturn on Oct. 13, but a subtle Venus-Pluto sextile and Mercury's shift into Scorpio provide the finesse needed to clean up a mess gracefully. Nevertheless, you're easily tempted to let impulsiveness overcome good judgment with Mercury's restless quincunx to Uranus and Venus' opposition with permissive Jupiter on Oct. 14.

Oct 28: Diamond in the rough

Your drive for success intensifies with bountiful Jupiter's second trine in a series to obsessive Pluto. Perhaps you found some hidden riches during the first occurrence on July 7. Yet even if you haven't discovered the treasures, you'll get another chance to reignite your passion and power with their final alignment on March 13, 2012. Gifts from your family or the resurrection of forgotten talents and desires can inspire a vision of the future and provide the strategy to attain it.