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July 2012 Aries Horoscope

The things we do for love

Now that magnetic Venus is moving direct in your sign, you're caught in a tug-of-war that pits your intense desire for success against your need to retreat from the world to enjoy time with loved ones. The recent waves of high intensity continue as the ambitious Capricorn Full Moon conjuncts impassioned Pluto on July 3 in your 10th House of Career. Although you know what you want and have a plan to get it, your energy is drawn toward family relationships now, delaying your success.

You cannot rush off and do things your way, for energetic Mars enters diplomatic Libra on July 3 and remains in your 7th House of Partnerships until August 23, forcing you to balance your desires with the needs of those close to you. Although supportive aspects to unconventional Uranus are indicative of unusual events on July 4, your life may quiet down a bit as communicator Mercury grinds to a halt to enter its retrograde phase, which lasts from July 14 to August 8.

Meanwhile, Mars brews up trouble as it trines Jupiter, squares Pluto, and opposes Uranus on July 17-18. An annoying quincunx from indulgent Jupiter in your interactive 3rd House of Communication to controlling Pluto on July 18 further challenges you to balance your interpersonal distractions with your responsibilities.

The nurturing Cancer New Moon on July 19 activates your 4th House of Foundations, reminding you there's no substitute for the emotional support of friends and family. The Sun's entry into demonstrative Leo and your fun-loving 5th House of Self-Expression on July 22 offers you opportunities to get out and enjoy yourself, tempting you through the end of the month to leave more serious matters for later consideration.

Keep in Mind this Month

Set yourself fewer goals right now. You'll still feel a sense of accomplishment -- but also have more time to enjoy what matters most.

Key Dates for Aries

July 3-4: Healthy Dialogue
Your personality sparkles when irrepressible Mercury forms easy aspects to irresistible Venus and intelligent Uranus on July 4. Yet you can't shake your anxiety, because Mercury and Venus create stressful quincunxes with Pluto and the self-restrained Capricorn Full Moon on July 3. Be careful about projecting your frustration onto a close friend or partner, for cranky Mars enters relationship-oriented Libra on the 3rd. Although you'd prefer not to confront someone who's trying to usurp your authority, a difficult conversation may be your only way to maintain control.

July 19-22: Crisis and Emergence
You experience a dark night of the soul when the emotionally sensitive Cancer New Moon on July 19 falls in your 4th House of Security, luring you down a path of introspection. Your confidence will rebound by July 22, when the Sun enters proud Leo, but not before you question the purpose of your life. Luckily, you receive an additional cosmic boost from a pair of uplifting sextiles, indicating that this is an excellent time to share your ideas with others and push your agenda forward.