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May 2012 Aries Horoscope

A familar tune

You can make steady progress this month now that action-hero Mars is moving direct. But you may also need to make choices about your lifestyle that you thought you had already handled as Mars revisits familiar territory in your 6th House of Self-Improvement. These déjà vu experiences can become more bothersome as needy Venus in scattered Gemini slows down to retrograde in your 3rd House of Communication on May 15, delaying satisfaction and requiring you to repeatedly rehash conversations that you can't seem to bring to an agreeable conclusion.

The emotional Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 falls in your 8th House of Shared Resources, possibly leading to a disagreement over who owns what. Keeping an open mind about community property is crucial, especially when expressive Mercury enters simplistic Taurus on May 9, prompting stubbornness, no matter what the cost.

Fortunately, you receive a burst of motivational energy and support for your ideas around May 13-16, when Mars forms a stabilizing Grand Earth Trine with Mercury and formidable Pluto, allowing you to accomplish more than you thought possible. But peace of mind eludes you, because Venus's retrograde turn combines with frustrating aspects from hopeful Jupiter to cynical Saturn on May 16 and resentful Pluto on May 17.

Let go of negative feelings; a New Moon Eclipse on May 20 -- just hours after the Sun enters flexible Gemini on May 20 -- indicates that you can change your mind in an instant to make life easier for yourself. Luckily, getting others to follow your lead is more feasible when Mercury joins optimistic Jupiter on May 22, enters your busy 3rd House of Communication on May 24, and aligns with the Sun on May 27.

Keep in Mind this Month
Having information doesn't mean you'll use it effectively. Less talk and more action produce the best results.

Key Dates for Aries

May 13-16: Build for the Future
These exciting days lift your spirits, yet your current optimism doesn't tell the whole story. The Sun's annual conjunction with euphoric Jupiter on May 13 is enough to make your world seem brighter. Then it gets even better on May 13–16, when Mercury, Mars, and Pluto form a practical grand trine. What you create now has lasting value. However, Venus turns retrograde on May 15, reminding you that you probably won't find love or wealth overnight. Be patient, since Jupiter's irritating quincunx to Saturn from your 2nd House of Self-Worth on May 16 brings uncertainty into the equation. Ultimately, your hard work will bring a reward, so hold your present course despite any self-doubt.

May 27-30: Laughter Is the Best Medicine
The willful Sun joins brainy Mercury on May 27 to focus your concentration, but together they sextile experimental Uranus on May 27-28 to spark innovative ideas that are out of the ordinary. Still, your thinking might be convoluted, for dark Pluto quincunxes Mercury and the Sun on May 28-29. If others misunderstand you, Mercury's square to combative Mars on May 30 triggers an argument that you're unlikely to resolve. It's smarter now to express your anger with humor than by direct confrontation.