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October 2011 Aries Horoscope

Fair rate of exchange

Managing your relationships is a major theme for you this month, Aries. The Sun starts out in your 7th House of Partnerships, then shifts into your 8th House of Intimacy on Oct. 23. You could sense a loss of independence as others demand more of you.

On Oct. 9, sultry Venus plunges into secretive Scorpio and your complicated 8th house. This can stir passion and deepen a connection with someone special, yet discussing your feelings becomes more difficult now. Communicative Mercury follows into Scorpio on Oct. 13, continuing the trend of intensifying personal and professional alliances.

You might decide that the price of a union is too costly with the Full Moon in your self-reliant sign on Oct. 11 opposing the Sun and karmic Saturn. Happily, a constructive trine from Mars to the Full Moon empowers you to create a different set of rules and expectations to bring new life to a fading romance. Still, the Sun's entry into emotional Scorpio on Oct. 23 raises the stakes of partnerships once more. Yes, a great deal is being required of you -- yet the potentials for material and emotional rewards are high if you accept the challenge.

Keep in Mind this Month

Instead of fixating on what you're missing in a relationship, appreciating whatever benefits you receive can pave the way to greater satisfaction.

Key Dates for Aries

Oct 11: Growing pains

The Full Moon in your sign stirs up your impulse to go solo, but a controlling Saturn opposition doesn't let you walk away that easily. Ending a relationship now could cut you off from a valuable person. However, if you don't carve out room to act independently, your spirit will dim and the partnership could be doomed. You need to be mature, to face facts and feelings, and make a difficult decision. It's tough work, but it gives you freedom without isolating you from a meaningful connection.


Oct 26 - 28: Maximizing resources

Deciding whether to work or play is the question on Oct. 26, when Mars' sextile with Saturn aims for productivity while its square to Venus prefers fun and games. You can get a lot done with today's Scorpio New Moon when left to your own devices, but the need to relate to others could be an annoying distraction. You may, though, uncover hidden assets on Oct. 28 when lucky Jupiter trines tenacious Pluto in a series that began on July 7 and will return on March 13, 2012.