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August Horoscope 2012

Chasing Rainbows

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1 gets August off to an enthusiastic start. This innovative opposition of the Moon to the Sun in expressive Leo stirs up creative juices and inspires social activities. Jovial Jupiter's favorable aspects to the Sun and Moon raise spirits even higher as we're exhilarated by stimulating social contacts and a-million-and-one new ideas. It's wise, though, to avoid going too far to promote these concepts or connections until Mercury turns direct on August 7. The messenger planet's three-week retrograde period ends then, putting communication on a clearer and more productive track. Yet, even with this freeing up of information, there's reason to be gentle and cautious in personal matters. Loving Venus enters tender Cancer on August 7, bringing more emotion into our relationships. The need for kindness and protection is high with this delicate transit.

A major astrological event centers on August 15, when active Mars joins stabilizing Saturn for the first time in two years. This conjunction in Libra can represent frustration and delays, particularly in partnerships. However, its purpose is to challenge us to be clearer about our purpose and more precise in our methods. Patience and commitment are keys to building trust, developing skills and earning the respect we desire. Going slowly with an eye toward long-term goals will prove more effective than rapidly shifting attention from one issue to the next. Relationships and financial matters could be problematic on August 15 as Venus forms hard aspects with disruptive Uranus and Pluto. Sudden changes of tastes, attractions and cash flow can be both exciting and terrifying, yet the purpose is to explore new values and fresh forms of fun.

The New Moon in Leo on August 17 is a birthing time for creativity, romance and the arts. The heart is open with ardent feelings that go too far during some Leo New Moons. However, this lunation benefits from favorable aspects -- 60-degree sextiles -- with Mars and Saturn, making it more likely that these impulses can be applied productively and under control. Once again, the critical point is to make a priority and stick to it.

On August 22, the Sun shifts into earthy Virgo, which underscores the importance of taking care of business and attending to details. Less flash and more focused work will enhance skills and solve problems. Mars enters passionate Scorpio on August 23, emphasizing the need to eliminate distractions and petty tasks so we can concentrate our forces where real breakthroughs are possible. The warrior planet is especially tenacious in its traditional home water sign. This is excellent for having the persistence to stick with difficult matters, but it can also make it harder to let go of anger.

Fortunately, forgiving Neptune lends a hand with an opposition to the Sun on August 24 and a trine with Mars on August 25. These provide compassion and imagination to overcome the sharp edges of the Sun in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio. Ideally, we push on, but with a dash of tenderness -- although the downside of these transits includes chasing rainbows and wandering off target.

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