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April 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Fresh start

Insightful Pluto turns retrograde on April 10, inviting you to look back and review issues about power and desire, but the major trends for this month signal forward movement on two fronts.

Intellectual Mercury's shift to direct motion in your 9th House of Journeys on April 4 encourages you to think about the future, especially as it relates to travel and education. You'll soon be ready to apply philosophical ideas you've been mulling over in your mind to your daily life.

Then, on April 13, Mars, the planet of action and initiative, finally ends a retrograde cycle that began on January 23, freeing up energy you've been spending fighting over petty details and wrestling with complicated conversations. Mars' direct turn is a green light for advancing on projects that have been derailed or delayed. Still, be sure to manage them efficiently, especially as popular Venus shifts into flighty Gemini and your 12th House of Escapism on April 3, scattering your attention.

On April 6, domestic issues take the spotlight when the Full Moon in cooperative Libra falls in your 4th House of Home and Family. You may need to make compromises to maintain harmony or to get out of your own emotional rut. Remember, there's more than one way to look at any situation no matter how personal it is in the moment. Stepping back from your feelings gives you an objective perspective that increases your options at work and at home.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 21 falls in your 11th House of Groups and aligns favorably with Mars in industrious Virgo -- an excellent moment for launching projects with friends or colleagues.

Keep in Mind this Month
Letting go of the past is your key to creating a more fulfilling future. Finish what you can and drop whatever you can't improve.

Key Dates for Cancer

April 6 - 9: Lighten Your Load
The Libra Full Moon's intense square with Pluto will reveal secrets or stir up deeply buried emotions on April 6. This month's theme is all about moving ahead, and now you are given another opportunity to face an old issue and finally put it behind you. A spicy square between flirty Venus and frisky Mars makes your social life more interesting the next day, especially if you're able to adapt to unexpected changes of plans or tolerate inconsistent people. Staying cool might not be easy, though, as a harsh Sun-Mars aspect on April 8 fuels impatience or attracts a bully. Fortunately, a clever sextile occurs between Venus and inventive Uranus on April 9, opening your eyes to new pleasures and ways to handle relationships that are less confining and, hopefully, more fun.

April 21 - 22: Unexpected Epiphany
Your lunar-ruled sign responds emotionally to the Taurus New Moon in your 11th House of Groups on April 21. Taurus is sensual, stubborn, practical and inherently resistant to change. But this union of the Sun and Moon initiates a fresh cycle of activities with friends and co-workers that could put you in a leadership position within an organization. You could invent a way to bridge the real and the ideal, for this lunation creates positive aspects with Mars in pragmatic Virgo and ethereal Neptune in Pisces. Avoid making a major commitment until you experience the brilliantly original Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Aries on April 22. Lightning storms of intuition and restlessness electrify your 10th House of Career with sudden realizations that cause you to rethink your plans and responsibilities.