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August 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Aim for the stars

This should be a very productive month for you because there are three lunations forming favorable aspects with energetic Mars. On August 1, the Aquarius Full Moon falls in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. You find it easy to work with unconventional individuals as Mars in amenable Libra and Jupiter in versatile Gemini form a lucky Grand Trine with the Moon. Your ability to adapt to unusual circumstances is also strengthened by progressive Uranus's inventive sextile to the Moon. You're able to see relationships in a different light that opens your mind, overcomes your fear, and helps you to make profitable new connections.

The lively Leo New Moon on August 17 activates your 2nd House of Resources, combining boldness and creativity with efficiency as it sextiles an industrious Mars-Saturn conjunction. This union of two hard-nosed planets in your 4th House of Roots will reward your inner dedication and discipline with the potential for greater income and increasing self-confidence.

The month's second Full Moon -- the so-called Blue Moon, which has no special astrological significance -- occurs in mystical Pisces and your 9th House of Philosophy on August 31. Her trine to Mars in resolute Scorpio and easy sextile with surgical Pluto creates a perfect moment to pluck a dream from your imagination and find the passion it takes to actualize it. This also encourages you to make a commitment to your beliefs by doing charitable work, initiating a spiritual practice or volunteering for a cause dear to your heart. Idealism and intensity make an unbeatable pair that enables you to let go of the people and expectations that distract you from this higher road to fulfillment.

Keep in Mind this Month
There is too much energy available to you now to use it on anything less important than striving for your highest aspirations.

Key Dates for Cancer

August 15-17: Cleanup On Aisle Five
A fierce face-off between Venus and Pluto shows you exactly where you stand with someone. Flattery doesn't work when you're looking for substantial connections, and manipulation is a major hindrance to trust. Mars joins authoritative Saturn to make it very clear where you can build and when it's time to close up shop. These two hard aspects aren't light and breezy, but they do provide the clarity you need to complete unfinished business before the Leo New Moon on August 17.

August 22-24: Adrenaline Rush
Your mind is clear and your thinking is incisive on August 22, thanks to the Sun's entry into analytical Virgo and your chatty 3rd House of Communication. Additionally, a Mercury-Jupiter sextile brings finesse to your communication. Your energy continues to deepen and grow when Mars moves into passionate Scorpio and your 5th House of Romance on August 23; your quiet intensity evokes powerful responses from others. Whether you are pursuing pleasure or promoting a creative plan, the force of your will is directed with laser-like focus. Still, a diffusive Sun-Neptune opposition on August 24 reminds you to ask specific questions to make sure that your words are completely understood.