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February 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Do you believe in magic?

Gentle waves of inspiration start lapping at the shore of your life this month when prophetic Neptune returns to idealistic Pisces on Feb. 3. The planet of faith, compassion and imagination is re-entering your 9th House of Higher Mind, where it began seeding a field of dreams in its previous visit from April 4 - Aug. 4, 2011. You'll continue exploring religious and philosophical ideas and interests in faraway cultures until Neptune leaves this visionary part of your chart in May 2025. Still, this planet's influence is often subtle in how it affects your life. However, reinforcing patterns later this month multiply its impact.

First, there's the dramatic Leo Full Moon activating your 2nd House of Income on Feb. 7 and casting a bright light on financial matters. Mental Mercury then shifts into Pisces on Feb. 13, followed by the Sun's move into this imaginative sign on Feb. 19. Putting your thoughts into words may be impossible -- you're flooded with feelings that stretch the boundaries of language. The Sun-Neptune conjunction, also Feb. 19, and its close proximity to the Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21, float balloons of hope and fantasy. You may find it difficult to keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds, yet if you can maintain contact with reality, an infusion of faith will lead you to a more fulfilling vision of the future.

Keep in Mind this Month
Seek the higher ground of wisdom and meaning, where you can find answers to material and personal questions through spiritual insights.

Key Dates for Cancer

Feb. 1: Wordplay
Your conversation snaps today, bringing edginess to relationships when feisty Mars in your 3rd House of Communication opposes flirtatious Venus. The mood can be sexy and sassy as long as you're willing to be playful with words instead of taking everything that's said too seriously. Connecting with someone in an educational setting can turn a learning experience into a significant social event.

Feb. 6 - 9: All Shook Up
You're restless and full of unusual ideas on Feb. 6, thanks to hard aspects to Uranus from the Sun and Mercury. Sudden changes of mind or surprising news add to a sense of uncertainty leading up to the melodramatic Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7. Take a long, slow look at the situation before you rush into action or say something you might regret. Responsible Saturn is turning retrograde in your interactive 3rd house, reminding you to rethink your strategy carefully before sharing it with others. Nevertheless, you struggle to obey the speed limit when Venus fires into unstoppable Aries and your 10th House of Career on Feb. 8. Frustration with outmoded rules or an inflexible authority figure stirs up your rebellious attitude, especially when artistic Venus joins maverick Uranus on Feb. 9. Making business connections or brainstorming fresh ideas related to your work can bring more excitement to your job. Don't jump ship until you've got a sure place to land since it's possible that your ideas may be ahead of their time.