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January 2012 Cancer Horoscope

State your case

Relationships are a key issue now with the Sun in your 7th House of Partners until Jan. 20 and in your 8th House of Intimacy for the rest of the month. Be clear about what you expect from others if you hope to make improvements in your personal and professional alliances.

Communicative Mercury marks a significant transition on Jan. 8 when it leaves optimistic Sagittarius and enters orderly Capricorn, where a lack of planning and commitment may put you under someone else's control. The nurturing Full Moon in your sign on Jan. 9, though, reminds you to consider your own needs first. If you take care of yourself, you'll have the emotional and physical strength to also be of service to others.

It's tempting to think about running away from it all when alluring Venus enters your 9th House of Faraway Places on Jan. 14. Your imagination opens your mind to the exotic, where you are free from responsibility and the complications of your current life.

The New Moon in quirky Aquarius falls in your 8th house on Jan. 23, attracting unconventional individuals and potential partnerships. If you stretch your boundaries, you'll increase opportunities for love and money. Just don't lose your sense of perspective when expansive Jupiter's square to this Sun-Moon conjunction tempts you with promises too good to be true.

Keep in Mind this Month
You'll earn more respect by saying no with certainty than by compromising simply to maintain the peace.

Key Dates for Cancer

Jan. 8 - 9: Straight shooter
There's no room for lazy thinking or careless communication when Mercury the Messenger enters your 7th House of Others on Jan. 8. Express yourself with authority or keep your thoughts to yourself. You're going to be held accountable for every word, even offhand remarks. However, you have a more powerful impact on your listeners when you consider issues carefully and plan out what you're going to say. A slick sextile from meticulous Mars in Virgo to the Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 9 is a gentle nudge to organize your life. Initiating a new health regime is an excellent way to boost your vitality and increase your productivity.

Jan. 19 - 23: Risky business
You just might reach a limit with someone when the Sun forms a tense square with sobering Saturn on Jan. 19. Recognizing exactly where you stand helps you shore up worthwhile alliances -- but can mark the beginning of the end for one where trust has been lost. Your intuition about people and values is accurate on Jan. 20, when Venus forms a discerning sextile with perceptive Pluto, enabling you to see if there's something in an investment or a relationship to be salvaged. An adventurous spirit invites a new person into your life or provokes you to seek unusual experiences on Jan. 21 - 22. The courageous Sun's connections with eccentric Uranus and visionary Jupiter make stimulation more important than security. Messages are mixed on Jan. 23: the Aquarius New Moon makes you feel frisky, yet active Mars turns retrograde, reminding you to look twice before leaping for the next three months.