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June 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Creative visualization

You clean up unfinished business from the past as this transitional month opens, freeing up time and energy to pursue new interests. On June 4, a Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse in your 6th House of Work is charged with an anxious square from Mars that can bring additional stress to your job, overload you with obligations and wear you down physically. Cut out extraneous activities that don't teach you anything; turn your attention to developing skills and exploring hobbies that broaden your horizons.

Spiritual growth is encouraged when wise Jupiter moves into multifaceted Gemini and your 12th House of Divinity for a one-year stay starting on June 11. The planet of philosophy's presence in this imaginative part of your chart increases your curiosity about the meaning of life, opening your mind to learning from a variety of sources.

Practicality and idealism converge later this month, giving shape to your dreams. Realistic Saturn turns direct in your 4th House of Roots on June 25, making it easier to build a solid foundation for your ambitions, while an intuitive square between Jupiter and Neptune excites your mind on the same day. Normally, this hard aspect between Astrology's most expansive planets produces more fantasy than functionality, but reliable Saturn's forward shift at the same time provides the substance you need to bring your visions down to earth.

Another dose of originality is provided on June 25, when brainy Mercury moves into courageous Leo and your 2nd House of Resources. Bold thinking can now increase your self-worth -- and your income. Valuable Venus' direct turn on June 27 adds momentum to your financial picture.

Keep in Mind this Month
Making space in your busy schedule for daydreaming is not an escape from reality but an excellent way to create a better future.

Key Dates for Cancer

June 7-8: Subjective Reality
Your mental clarity sharpens and your ability to articulate your emotions grows when Mercury enters your introspective sign on June 7. This intellectual planet swimming in watery Cancer floods facts with feelings to facilitate intimate conversations while also, perhaps, reducing your objectivity and comprehension of abstract ideas. Miscommunication could trigger conflict over petty issues with a quarrelsome Sun-Mars square, yet you could be motivated to take action when led by a skillful teacher. Discussions grow softer and sweeter on June 8 with a forgiving Mercury-Neptune trine that reveals common ground between previously opposing positions.

June 19-20: Starting Over
You are spreading yourself too thin and need to establish some clear priorities to regain control of your life, and the Gemini New Moon on June 19 marks the beginning of the end. Sweeping out the old is perfect preparation for the Summer Solstice on June 20, when the Sun enters sentimental Cancer to begin your astrological year. A smart sextile between retrograde Venus and innovative Uranus gives you a chance to reexamine relationships and resources and uncover unconventional ways to get the most out of them.