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May 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Get off the fence

You shine in group situations through much of the month, because the Sun continues to occupy your 11th House of Friends and Associates until May 20. Information-rich Mercury joins the party in dependable Taurus on May 9, spurring communication, contacts and ideas when you're part of a team. Yet no matter how busy you are with others, you're also pulled toward privacy -- tempted to leave the spotlight and seek out quiet places where less human interaction is required.

Venus, the planet of sociability, slows down in your secretive 12th House of Privacy, turns retrograde on May 15, and moves backward until June 27. You won't disappear from sight, but you'll appreciate any opportunities you find to step away from daily activities and take a more objective view of your life. Figuring out where you fit in is important as visionary Jupiter forms stressful aspects with Saturn and Pluto on May 16-17. You may need to reassess what you want out of relationships and reevaluate your long-range plans.

The Gemini New Moon on May 20 is a Lunar Eclipse falling in your 12th House and squaring dreamy Neptune, which increases your sensitivity to the point where you may want to run away from it all. Escaping on a well-earned vacation or spiritual retreat is a good way to recharge your batteries and restore your faith. However, it's critical not to space out practical matters -- they will become muddled if you let your attention wander too long. In fact, this eclipse signals the need to cut out distractions and focus on a single truth to guide you instead of allowing yourself to be pulled in several spiritual directions.

Keep in Mind this Month
Your usual sources of inspiration may fail you now. Instead, explore your soul and come up with your own answers.

Key Dates for Cancer

May 5: Actions Speak Louder than Words
Passion builds with an emotionally intense Scorpio Full Moon in your 5th House of Romance on May 5. Your growing need to play and express yourself may provoke you to share your desires more openly. Yet regardless of the strength of your feelings now, you may not be able to describe them in words. A restrictive Mercury-Saturn opposition suggests that it's wise to keep some thoughts to yourself. Still, you can communicate so much with your eyes and actions that explanations aren't necessary.

May 22-23: Reserve Judgment
You understand interpersonal dynamics and receive ongoing support from intelligent allies thanks to a smart Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus on May 22. This union of the planets of little details and big principles sharpens your perceptions. Acute knowledge of your colleagues' talents makes you a better teammate and a skillful motivator. However, excessive compassion could drain you when the Sun squares empathetic Neptune on May 23. Believing in someone who is unable to live up to his or her promises costs you precious resources, so soak in the stories you're hearing but don't commit to acting on any of them without further research.