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October 2011 Cancer Horoscope

Persistence pays

Although this month begins on a stressful note, it ends by striking a powerful chord of optimism. The difficulties you face at first are from excess rather than scarcity, because abundant Jupiter forms uneasy aspects with the Sun on Oct. 1 and with Mars on Oct. 3. You may succumb to peer pressure, spending too much or making promises you can't keep.

Fantasy flows into your life when mystical Neptune trines beautiful Venus on Oct. 7, Mercury on Oct. 12 and the Sun on Oct. 21, and though your imaginative excursions can be inspirational, they're interrupted on Oct. 11 when the action-oriented Aries Full Moon in your 10th House of Public Responsibility opposes Saturn. You cannot escape the truth; circumstances deliver what you deserve as the Sun joins karmic Saturn on Oct. 13.

It becomes crucial for you to decide exactly what you want and what you don't as Venus moves into passionate Scorpio and your 5th House of Expression on Oct. 9, followed by Mercury on Oct. 13 and the Sun on Oct 23. The Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 26 is also in your 5th house, yet the stakes are high and you are playing for keeps. Powerful assistance arrives on a constructive wave of hope when visionary Jupiter harmoniously trines formidable Pluto on Oct. 28.

Keep in Mind this Month

You can maintain a positive attitude without slipping into denial if you take time to clarify your vision of the future before starting anything new.

Key Dates for Cancer


Oct 10 - 14: Hot and cold

Even if you're seeking a new romantic connection right now, pay attention to your own needs. You're so eager to be loved when pleasing Venus hooks up with irrepressible Uranus on Oct. 10, you may inadvertently sacrifice your personal desires to make your companion happy. And although severe Saturn connects to the independent Aries Full Moon on Oct. 11, encouraging you to go it alone, the imaginative Mercury-Neptune trine on Oct. 12 enables you to spin a yarn of true love so fantastic that you might even believe yourself. Conflicting patterns of restraint from Saturn and joy from Jupiter through Oct. 14 can bounce you around until you don't know whether it's best to be with a partner or on your own.

Oct 26 - 28: Time is on Your Side

What you want stands in stark contrast with what you can get on Oct. 26, when the extreme Scorpio New Moon opposes opulent Jupiter. Luckily, with enterprising Mars in a cooperative sextile with methodical Saturn you can do things right the first time so you won't have to repeat them. Although Venus and Mercury's square to Mars from Oct. 26 - 28 will have your adrenaline pumping, the long-term Jupiter-Pluto trine on Oct. 28 all but assures a positive outcome to anything you initiate now.