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September 2011 Cancer Horoscope

Reality Stress Test

Autumn is a time of sweeping changes for you, yet it's okay, even preferable, if you don't start the month with a solid plan to maintain your stability. Do think about your long-term goals, though, especially when Mars in reflective Cancer forms magical quintiles with expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune September 6 - 7. The receptive Pisces Full Moon on September 12 falls in your 9th House of Journeys, coloring your ideas of the future with a rainbow of feelings.

Your social life intensifies when Venus enters people-pleasing Libra on September 14 to oppose unconventional Uranus on September 17 and square penetrating Pluto on September 18, the same day that Mars enters the expressive realms of dramatic Leo. These planetary events combine to shock your senses awake and reveal feelings that you've been trying to avoid. On September 27, the Libra New Moon in your soulful 4th house is a punctuation mark that ends one chapter and shifts your inner world away from the familiar past.

Keep in Mind this Month

The changes that begin to unfold now are part of a much greater cycle that will continue to affect your life into next year and beyond.

Key Dates for Cancer

Sep 2: Good Vibrations

Your positive attitude is like a magnet, pulling enjoyable people and activities toward you as the Sun forms a superconductive trine to good-natured Jupiter. The Sun, along with congenial Venus, is in helpful Virgo in your 3rd House of Communication, sweetening your current connections with friends. Take time out of your busy schedule to absorb the supportive energy from those closest to you.


Sep 27 - 28: A Change Will Do You Good

Your frustration can grow into anger if you try to resist the inevitable when Mars hooks up with ruthless Pluto on September 27. The flexible Libra New Moon helps you realize that this is the beginning of something new. You would be wise to bend with the pressure for change as challenging aspects stress you at home and at work on September 27 - 28. Don't waste energy worrying about what you don't have or might lose. Establish new boundaries and goals and move forward.