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June 2012 Capricorn Horoscope

Heart and soul

You may spend more time in self-reflection as you contemplate life's complex mysteries and begin to disconnect from old beliefs in search of greater meaning. Fortunately, there are sympathetic and caring individuals who are willing and able to provide you with the support, if not the answers, to make this soulful journey more comfortable.

The major cosmic event in this powerful but private process is the philosophical Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse on June 4. This eclipse rattles your 12th House of Metaphysics and could cast shadows of doubt on your faith and sense of higher purpose. Aggressive Mars' tense square to this Sun-Moon opposition can precipitate a spiritual crisis, perhaps when someone turns against you. Thankfully, when the Moon forms a creative trine to brilliant Uranus, you break through to a new level of consciousness that allows you to leapfrog over any loss or betrayal and renew your hope in the future.

Fresh opportunities may arise for you at work when magnanimous Jupiter shifts into Gemini and your 6th House of Employment on June 11. The busy Gemini New Moon on June 19 might find you overburdened by tasks due to a pressuring square from overbearing Mars, but a smooth trine from productive Saturn shows you how to balance the load and be as effective as ever.

The Sun's entry into nurturing Cancer marks the Summer Solstice in your 7th House of Partners on June 20 to remind you that you are not alone. Still, deep rumblings of change are stirred by a square between irreverent Uranus and transformational Pluto on June 24 -- the first in a series of seven that recur through March 16, 2015. Your uncanny people skills, patience and perseverance help you to navigate the waves of change as your responsible ruling planet, Saturn, turns direct on June 25, followed by charming Venus' forward shift on June 27.

Keep in Mind this Month
Sometimes you have to wander off a dead-end path and seek a different one to complete your journey.

Key Dates for Capricorn

June 3-5: Whistle While You Work
Solid thinking and clear communication help you manage minor tasks as Mercury in your 6th House of Systems trines strategic Saturn on June 3. Yet precision may not be enough to avoid a clash of styles at your job on June 4, when Venus in your 6th House squares Mars in perfectionist Virgo on the same day as the Lunar Eclipse. Any differences are unlikely to be substantial, so focus on common goals instead of conflicting methods. You can smooth out rough spots when an amicable Sun-Venus conjunction on June 5 creates a joyful work environment.

June 20-21: Tender Moments
The Sun shifts into nurturing Cancer and your 7th House of Relationships on June 20, enabling you to revive ongoing alliances and find your way to new ones. Reaching out to others with a fresh concept, business idea or desire for close personal contact succeeds when your feelings are genuine. Even if you encounter barriers due to lack of interest, time or resources, gently pursuing your agenda could eventually work. A slick sextile between sweet-talking Mercury in Cancer and Mars in serviceable Virgo on June 21 helps you make your case in both emotional and practical terms.