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March 2012 Capricorn Horoscope

Running against the wind

You're ready for a fresh start at home and work this month, but you must complete some unfinished business before you can take the next step. Curious Mercury blasts into uncontainable Aries and your 4th House of Foundations on March 2, stirring restless feelings that can provoke domestic conflict if you don't have a constructive outlet to occupy your overactive mind.

However, Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, slowing your progress with interruptions and backtracking until it goes forward again on April 4. Moving at a more leisurely pace enhances the pleasure that comes with captivating Venus' entry into sensual Taurus and your 5th House of Fun and Games on March 5. Your creativity and charisma sparkle when you indulge yourself in each delightful moment instead of hurrying to reach a goal.

Nevertheless, your tendency to put work before play is kicked up by the methodical Virgo Full Moon on March 8. This lunation in your 9th House of Future Vision is useful for long-range planning, as long as you don't fret about minor issues that may never arise.

The Sun's entry into trendsetting Aries on March 20 marks the Spring Equinox in your 4th House of Roots. However, you won't likely see the full impact of this energizing event until the unstoppable Aries New Moon occurs on March 22, which can feel like a rocket ride into the future. Rowdy Uranus and busy Mercury join the Sun and Moon to stir up wild ideas and resistance to routine activities. Your desire for a more exciting life can precipitate a crisis at home and motivate you to consider radical action to reinvent your career or relocate.

Keep in Mind this Month
Finding the balance between your ambitions and fun can reward you personally and give you the fuel to sustain the long journey to success.

Key Dates

March 1 - 4: Keep Your Cool
Prepare to carefully decipher unclear messages on March 1, when Mercury's awkward quincunx with your orderly ruling planet, Saturn, can complicate conversations and slow the flow of information. Concentration is critical as mobile Mars runs into a restrictive semisquare with Saturn on March 2. You may feel driven to forge ahead, especially when an impulsive Sun-Mars opposition on March 3 urges you to take immediate action. Yet both the Sun and Venus form hard aspects with exacting Saturn that reward persistence and patience but punish haste. You may be underappreciated during the Venus-Saturn opposition on March 4, but you will get the chance to learn where you stand in a relationship.

March 13 – 14: Fortune Smiles
Old loves and artistic interests resurface when regenerative Pluto makes its third and final trine to prodigious Jupiter in your 5th House of Romance on March 13. This potent aspect previously occurred on July 7 and Oct. 28, 2011, but it's in richer company this time around. Irresistible Venus trines Pluto on March 13 and conjuncts Jupiter on the 14th, creating a spicy stew of physical passion and material rewards. Superhero Mars joins the party with a sexy trine to resourceful Venus and a lucky one to auspicious Jupiter, completing a Grand Earth Trine that promises financial and emotional rewards.