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May 2012 Capricorn Horoscope

Work less, play more

While your personal relationships are on the upswing this month, alliances at work could become more complex. The warmth of the Sun continues to heat up your 5th House of Love until May 20, encouraging you to show the playful and affectionate parts of your personality. Talkative Mercury's move into your creative 5th House on May 9 allows easier expression of your feelings about art and your heart.

Your willingness to be open is reinforced on May 13, when the Sun enthusiastically conjuncts gregarious Jupiter. Their union inspires the kind of confidence that makes you a powerful presenter of your ideas, a great performer, and even an inspiration to others. The scrutinizing Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 falls in your 11th House of Groups, challenging you to streamline collaborative projects to make them more efficient. Changing the ways that you work with others and cutting back on extraneous commitments help you put your priorities in order.

On May 15 validating Venus turns retrograde in your 6th House of Employment. Her six-week backward run in dispersive Gemini can otherwise distract your attention with gossip and irritating personnel issues. This is another signal to reexamine your professional alliances and make adjustments needed to stay on top of your job.

Yet, the Sun's move into Gemini and your 6th House on May 20 motivates you to expand your skill set or possibly discover alternative ways to improve your health. The Gemini New Moon Eclipse also occurs on May 20. Diffusive Neptune's stressful square to this Solar Eclipse in your busy 6th House might inspire vocational dreams but could easily wear you out mentally and physically if you don't reduce your workload.

Keep in Mind this Month
The pleasure you get from your personal life will not only be fun, but it can also provide you with a much-needed breather from job-related stress.

Key Dates for Capricorn

May 13-16: A Long and Winding Road
You can now back up your big plans with the data that will to start turning them into reality. The radiant Sun's conjunction with effusive Jupiter on May 13 fills you with hope and inspires you to make bold promises. Yet the harmonious trine between fact-loving Mercury and energetic Mars in efficient Virgo indicates that you know exactly how to deliver on your commitments. Mercury's trine to insightful Pluto on May 14 enables you to anticipate problems, helping you make adjustments necessitated by the Sun's challenging aspects to Saturn and Pluto. Your patience and persistence will determine whether you're going to be stopped in your tracks by obstacles on May 15, when dynamic Mars clashes with static Saturn. Fortunately, there's no lack of power with a laser-like Mars-Pluto trine on May 16, when you also encounter the first of three Jupiter-Saturn quincunxes. These awkward alignments between the planets of expansion and contraction recur on December 22 and March 23, 2013, requiring you to skillfully shift perspectives from an optimistic vision of the future to the ubiquitous demands of the present.

May 28-29: Patience Is a Virtue
Heavy conversations may cloud your skies as another round of tough aspects hit somber Saturn and dark Pluto -- this time from winged messenger Mercury on May 28. If you're blocked moving in one direction, however, an electric Sun-Uranus sextile cooks up bright ideas that empower you to leap over obstacles. Still, the testing connections from the Sun to Saturn and Pluto on May 29 are likely to remind you that even the most brilliant concept requires time to be executed properly.