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September 2011 Capricorn Horoscope

Occupational Hazards

You are mistaken if you believe that the unbridled optimism you feel at the beginning of this month is an indicator of smooth sailing ahead. Although the buoyant Sun-Jupiter trine on September 2 can signal a return of self-confidence, mischievous Mercury opposes murky Neptune on September 8 to remind you that the path ahead isn't straightforward. The psychic Pisces Full Moon on September 12 illuminates your 3rd House of Learning, bypassing language and downloading information intuitively. You can act with confidence now, for smart Mercury trines perceptive Pluto during the Full Moon and trines far-reaching Jupiter on September 14.

It looks as if your efforts will pay off on September 14 when lovely Venus gracefully steps into your public 10th house. On September 23, your professional status is elevated as the Sun enters fair-minded Libra and your 10th house. But stress creates the necessity for change when each of these planets opposes anything-can-happen Uranus and squares all-or-nothing Pluto. Meanwhile, the same tense aspects from the ambivalent Libra New Moon September 27 confirm the current instability at work as you wonder how best to put your life back in balance.

Keep in Mind this Month

Don't waste your time and resources during the first half of the month. You'll need both when unexpected changes shake the mountain upon which you climb.

Key Dates for Capricorn

Sep 2: The Audacity of Hope

A happy trine between the Sun and bountiful Jupiter is an auspicious lucky sign that gives you good reason to celebrate. Both of these giants are in earth signs, instilling you with enough confidence to initiate personal changes while maintaining a connection to the more practical side of life. The Sun is in your 9th House of Philosophy when it receives this expansive boost from Jupiter, encouraging you to think about who you are and where you're going in life. But idle theorizing won't bring you the growth you want; for that, you must take a significant risk.


Sep 27 - 29: Rebel Without A Clue

Logical Mercury in your 10th House of Public Responsibility opposes volatile Uranus on September 27, provoking you to talk about your frustrations in no uncertain terms. Meanwhile, a disquieting Mars-Pluto quincunx can trick you into applying the wrong amount of pressure to a delicate situation, making matters worse. Fortunately, the 10th house Libra New Moon is like a fresh start to your career, though you may need to fight for what you want as the Sun and Mercury square off with domineering Pluto on September 28. Sweet success is elusive on September 29 when caring Venus conjuncts indifferent Saturn; you may find yourself still waiting for recognition, financial reward, or even love.