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April 2012 Gemini Horoscope

On the move

This month, your recent efforts begin to bring you the acknowledgment and financial rewards you seek. Venus, the planet of love and money, enters your sign on April 3, initiating a feel-good period when you find it easier to attract positive attention.

Normally, this phase lasts for only a few weeks, but Venus turns retrograde on May 15, extending her visit until August 7. Although the overall effects of this transit should be pleasurable, Venus squares whimsical Neptune on April 5 and physical Mars on April 7, creating stress associated with your unfulfilled desires. Fortunately, unexpected gratification is possible when Venus sextiles surprising Uranus on April 9.

Meanwhile, communicator Mercury -- retrograde since March 12 -- turns direct in your 10th House of Career on April 4 to free up blockages in your professional plans. Pent-up tensions begin to dissipate on April 13 when Mars finishes its retrograde phase, which started on January 23. An additional boost of energy increases your momentum, although it may take a few days for you to notice the effect.

You'll likely feel overwhelmed when the sociable Libra Full Moon shines the spotlight on your 5th House of Love on April 6, forming harsh aspects with Venus, Mars and Neptune, and further intensifying a relationship dilemma.

The steadfast Taurus New Moon in your 12th House of Inner Peace on April 21 is a welcome relief from the hectic pace of life. Its harmonious aspects to Mars and Neptune come to the rescue, giving you an opportunity to put your feet up, indulge your senses and relax. Enjoy yourself now while you have the chance.

Keep in Mind this Month
It's smart to recharge your batteries as the stress subsides, but be sure you don't frivolously waste an opportunity to improve your life.

Key Dates for Gemini

April 12 - 16: Uphill Climb
Witty Mercury cannot help you talk your way out of a tight spot on April 12, when it forms an uncomfortable quincunx to severe Saturn. Unfortunately, the Sun's tense opposition to Saturn on April 15 is even more judgmental and less forgiving. But you're not eager to succumb to the voice of authority when sizzling Mars turns up the heat by going direct on April 13, followed by Mercury's entry into red-hot Aries on April 16. Hard work, rather than clever words, is your current key to success.

April 20 - 23: Irreconcilable Differences
You can't anticipate the impact of what you say when loquacious Mercury in Aries quincunxes insistent Mars on April 20. Your crazy ideas may trigger unexpected anger, especially when Mercury hooks up with unstable Uranus on April 22. Fortunately, Mars is sweetly trined by the sensible Taurus New Moon on April 21 and by the Sun on April 23, enabling you to defend your innovative ideas against an unreasonable attack.