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February 2012 Gemini Horoscope

Vision quest

This month gets off to a bumpy start with relationship issues affecting your ability to concentrate at work, but the overall outlook is still relatively smooth. Angry words may slip off your tongue too easily on Feb. 1, when your ruling planet, communicator Mercury, forms an anxious aspect with argumentative Mars.

You may sense a subtle yet profound shift of energy when slow-moving Neptune, the dreamer, swims into watery Pisces and your 10th House of Career on Feb. 3 for a 13-year stay. You could become disillusioned with your chosen life path, dreaming about changing your occupation to a more meaningful pursuit. Talking about your dissatisfaction can lead to constructive feedback when Mercury trines trustworthy Saturn on Feb. 13.

You may feel a powerful urge to share an original idea on Feb. 7, when the expressive Leo Full Moon brightens your 3rd House of Information and Education. Eloquent Mercury is aligned with the Sun in intellectual Aquarius, allowing the words to flow like quicksilver. But your aspirations may take longer to reach fruition than you realize, because Saturn the Tester turns retrograde in your 5th House of Self-Expression just hours prior to the Full Moon.

Keep in Mind this Month
Even if you have to handle one concern after another, minor interruptions won't get in the way of your long-term progress.

Key Dates for Gemini

Feb. 7 - 10: Call of the Wild
You are inspired to do things differently this week, and the demonstrative Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7 can bring your ideas into bloom. The Sun's alignment with persuasive Mercury in your 9th House of Future Vision gives you the passion you need to convince others that you are speaking the truth. But needy Venus forms an annoying quincunx with doubting Saturn, possibly inhibiting others from fully supporting you. Luckily, Venus enters pioneering Aries on Feb. 8 and joins explosive Uranus on Feb. 9, creating the breakthrough you desire. Nevertheless, your excitement may be tempered by a controlling Mercury-Pluto aspect on Feb. 10, indicating that a powerful person might resist your suggestion and hinder your progress.

Feb. 28: All's Well that Ends Well
You are at the top of your game today as the Sun in your 10th House of Status sextiles insightful Pluto. Instead of spending time reviewing the past, concentrate on the present moment; your well-intended actions should have positive results.