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January 2012 Gemini Horoscope

On the threshold of a dream

The future seems so close this month that you might just want to reach out to grab it. Unfortunately, even if you're sure a goal is right around the corner, you might actually need all year to reach it. On Jan. 7, your key planet, Mercury, forms supportive sextiles to both Saturn and Neptune, coaxing you to believe that your fantasies are real. But mental Mercury's entry into calculating Capricorn and your 8th House of Shared Resources on Jan. 8 enables you to be more practical by involving others in your plans. Although you can incorporate their ambitions into your overall strategy, the tenacious Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 9 illuminates your 2nd House of Personal Resources, shifting the focus back to your individual needs. You may find the recognition that you seek with Venus' move into your 10th House of Career on Jan. 14 -- if you remain focused on your objectives.

Resistance falls away as the Sun enters experimental Aquarius and your 9th House of Big Ideas on Jan. 20, and squares expansive Jupiter on Jan. 22. Your progress could slow as energetic Mars turns retrograde on Jan. 23, the same day as the futuristic Aquarius New Moon. You might feel as if you're losing ground, but don't panic; Mercury enters Aquarius and your visionary 9th house on Jan. 27, stimulating innovative thinking as you reformulate your plans.

Keep in Mind this Month
Success doesn't necessarily look the way you expect. Although you might be disappointed, what you do now can be instrumental in what you accomplish later on in the year.

Key Dates for Gemini

Jan. 7 - 9: Trust your intuition
Your thinking is sound on Jan. 7 when intelligent Mercury connects with authoritative Saturn and psychic Neptune. Be prepared to make your plans even more concrete when Mercury enters earthy Capricorn the next day. But if Mercury's easy trine to opinionated Jupiter encourages false assumptions, its harsh square to electric Uranus can shock you with the truth. Ultimately, what you choose is not as important as honoring your own feelings, for the sensitive Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 9 falls in your 2nd House of Values, gently reminding you not to abandon your core beliefs.

Jan. 27 - 28: Blue skies ahead
A somber Mercury-Saturn square on Jan. 27 can bring discouragement as a setback reveals a flaw in your plan. Fortunately, Mercury combines with brilliant Uranus and broad-minded Jupiter on Jan. 28, enabling you to come up with bright ideas to overcome almost any obstacle in your path.