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March 2012 Gemini Horoscope

Building a foundation

It's hard to relax because you're so excited about what's ahead, and your impatience is nearly unbearable with Mercury blasting into impetuous Aries on March 2. But a series of tense aspects to Mars in your 4th House of Family and Saturn in your 5th House of Spontaneity on March 2-4 can block your progress by weighing you down with personal matters or parental responsibilities.

Although fleet-footed Mercury usually speeds up your thought process while in Aries, you may feel mentally sluggish as the messenger planet slows to enter its retrograde phase on March 12. Now that both Mars and Mercury are traveling backward, you may find that these two planets can place a hold on an important project or indicate unexpected delays, especially if you feel pressure to make something happen right now. Paradoxically, when your momentum is interrupted or a deadline is postponed, you may actually feel a sense of relief -- as if you've been graced with additional time to get your plans in order.

You find much-needed calm amid a sea of change when the analytical Virgo Full Moon on March 8 highlights your domestic 4th House of Home Life and activates a practical Grand Earth Trine. Although this Grand Trine peaks on March 13-14, giving you an overall sense of well-being, it is no time to be lazy. What you do now can have a profound and lasting impact, even if success seems postponed.

Another wave of enthusiasm ensues at the Spring Equinox on March 20 when the Sun enters fiery Aries to light up your 11th House of Goals. But even if you have accepted the lingering constraints to progress, the enterprising Aries New Moon on March 22 kicks off the next cycle and focuses your attention on the future.

Keep in Mind this Month
Don't expect too much too soon from your current investments of time or money. Frustration and disappointment could get in the way of your success.

Key Dates for Gemini

March 5: Stroke of Genius
You're hit with lightning bolts of original ideas and out-of-the-blue solutions to irresolvable problems today thanks to quick-witted Mercury's conjunction with electrifying Uranus. It can be difficult for you to remember your thoughts because they come and go so fast. Normally, this cerebral activation occurs annually, but Mercury's retrograde will reactivate this innovative aspect on March 18, so you have a second chance this month to turn your brainstorm into reality.

March 12 - 14: Lucky Break
Although Mercury turns retrograde on March 12, its three-week reversal is softened by a Grand Earth Trine that stabilizes your life against the uncontrollable changing tides. This Grand Trine rests upon the powerful connection between confident Jupiter and fierce Pluto that is exact on March 13. Unfortunately, the sweet presence of delicious Venus can be so comforting that you don't take advantage of the energy now at your disposal. The auspicious Venus-Jupiter conjunction on March 14 falls in your 12th House of Destiny, indicating a possible financial windfall or luck in love. The third point of this magical Grand Trine is held by retrograde Mars in your 4th House of Security, reinforcing your drive for satisfaction in your personal, rather than professional, life.