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November 2011 Gemini Horoscope

Traffic management

Your enthusiasm for connecting with people could create problems this month. Vivacious Venus and chatty Mercury enter risk-taking Sagittarius and your 7th House of Others on Nov. 2, increasing your opportunities for making new contacts. Personal and business alliances seem especially alluring when potential partners are so optimistic and generous. However, you must turn your attention to domestic issues with Mars' move into your 4th House of Home and Family on Nov. 10. The Taurus Full Moon on the same day falls in your 12th House of Escapism, drawing you away from public projects and directing your thoughts to private needs and spiritual matters.

The Sun firing into extroverted Sagittarius and your 7th house on Nov. 22 puts more wind in your social sails, yet Mercury's retrograde turn on Nov. 24 sends a very different message. It's harder to assimilate new data and experiences now, and you're tempted to overstuff your mind, which can leave lots of loose ends. The usual communication complications of Mercury retrograde, lasting until Dec. 13, could be extended this time around.

The Sagittarius New Moon in your 7th house on Nov. 25 is a Solar Eclipse with hard aspects to Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter -- a complex combination warning you not to expect too much of others. Any gains that you make in partnerships now only come if you exercise caution and self-control.

Keep in Mind this Month
Turning down an offer that sounds too good to be true will keep you from exhausting yourself chasing rainbows.

Key Dates for Gemini

Nov. 1 - 3: Spellbound
A Mercury-Neptune square on Nov. 1 clouds your judgment and could diminish your credibility. The future you're envisioning is really only a rough approximation, so consider it speculative for now. You could be inspired by charming people or cast your spell on others with bewitching Venus and witty Mercury moving into your 7th House of Partners on Nov. 2. The positive mood engendered by these transits floats balloons of hope that might, alas, just drift away. Fortunately, brilliance arrives with a Mercury-Uranus trine on Nov. 3 to rapidly reveal which balloons to break and which ones to pursue.

Nov. 23 - 25: Quantum Leap
You're inspired by someone else's brilliant vision when the Sun trines ingenious Uranus on Nov. 23. Reaching this lofty height requires personal discipline, and a determined Mars-Pluto trine can bring you the support of an influential ally. But then Mercury turns retrograde on Nov. 24 and the Sun is eclipsed on Nov. 25. Delays create doubt, and changing partners -- or partners changing plans -- can feel like major setbacks. Think of this as a thunderstorm that's frightening when it happens but clears the air by the time it's gone. Modifying arrangements with those you rely upon could require weeks of renegotiations but will leave you on more solid ground once the work is done.