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October 2011 Gemini Horoscope

The art of regeneration

Responsibility forces its stern hand onto your playground this month, interrupting the fun to remind you not to spend time frivolously. Stylish Venus is the first to leave the party when she shifts from your lighthearted 5th House of Fun and Games to your 6th House of Work on Oct. 9.

On Oct. 11, the Full Moon in energizing Aries falls in your 11th House of Groups and Friends, which usually spurs new activity in your social life. However, this one is shadowed by somber Saturn's conjunction to the Sun and opposition to the Moon, so self-doubt or external restrictions may diminish your optimism.

The Sun's move into passionate Scorpio and your 6th house on Oct. 23 underscores the pressing demands of your daily life. Still, you may see some light at the end of the tunnel on Oct. 26 when upbeat Jupiter in your 12th House of Spirituality and Dreams opposes the intense Scorpio New Moon. Growth arising from loss is a powerful theme expressed through Jupiter's harmonious trine to transformational Pluto on Oct. 28, the second in a series that began on July 7 and ends on March 13, 2012.

Keep in Mind this Month

Taking the easy way out may seem like a shortcut on the road to success, but in the long run it will only slow your progress.

Key Dates for Gemini

Oct 6: Get smart

You can make a very strong impression today if you've planned your presentation carefully. A Mercury-Saturn conjunction rewards your discipline with respect but offers rejection when you shoot from the hip. Seeing a problem clearly is not an invitation to despair but a well-drawn map to its solution. If you're exposed for lacking knowledge where it counts, don't make excuses. Find the information you need, commit it to memory, and others will be suitably impressed.


Oct 26 - 28: The fire of desire

The 6th house Scorpio New Moon opposite enterprising Jupiter on Oct. 26 is cooking up a big idea for your professional life -- so big that it may seem out of reach, yet you'll find the drive to go for it anyway. Mercury's tense square with Mars on Oct. 28 urges you to stretch yourself, which is a wiser choice than wasting this force on fighting. And the Jupiter-Pluto trine opens treasure chests of resources and rewards when you transform your fear of having less into passion for getting more.