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September 2011 Gemini Horoscope

Duties and Delights

A delicate dance between work and play demands your attention this month. Mercury's move into Virgo on September 9 focuses your energy on what you need to fix at home and within your family. You're likely to be more self-critical now -- but think of it as an opportunity to recognize unhealthy habits clearly enough that you can actually begin changing them. The Full Moon on September 12 in vulnerable Pisces and your 10th House of Career exposes your insecurities over work. Finding inspiration on the job or in other forms of public service can help to wash away your worries.

The playful side of the equation is emphasized when delightful Venus enters your 5th House of Fun and Games on September 14. Confidence, creativity, and even romance can rise to greater heights when Mercury enters your entertaining 5th House on September 25, followed by the Libra New Moon on September 27. You could be forced to make a difficult choice when warm Venus joins cold Saturn on September 29, closing one path toward pleasure in order to keep another one open.

Keep in Mind this Month

Doing the hard work of addressing your stickiest personal problems first will make the pleasure that follows even more delicious.

Key Dates for Gemini

Sep 8 - 9: Reality Stress Test

You feel as if you're in an altered state when mental Mercury opposes intoxicating Neptune on September 8. Thoughts wander in and out of your head and words wobble in the mists of imagination. Reality strikes hard on September 9, though, when Mercury steps into Virgo and precise outlines of objectivity chase away illusions. Strict Saturn's semisquare to Mercury rejects anything that can't be proven. Although this is a tough gauntlet of skepticism that squeezes out weak concepts, the best ideas will profit from the pressure that properly shapes them and brings them down to earth.


Sep 12 - 14: Proactive Measures

The dreamy Pisces Full Moon on September 12 could put you in a vulnerable situation at your job. If you've been careless in handling a task, you may be held accountable for it now. Yet even if you're on top of your professional game, this lunation in your 10th House of Career may leave you feeling isolated and unsupported with an endless load of work. Instead of withdrawing and feeling wounded, talk to your colleagues about getting the help you need. A perceptive trine between Mercury and Pluto shows you where the resources are and gives you a quiet power of persuasion to bring them over to your side. Even better, a super-smart trine between Mercury and boundless Jupiter reveals the bigger picture on September 14 -- an excellent day for long-range planning and succeeding at office politics.