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April 2012 Leo Horoscope

Don't look back

The time for reviewing the past is over. If you have reevaluated your core beliefs, put your finances in order and strengthened your closest relationships, you're ready to move ahead with confidence. But even if you still have unfinished business, this month is a turning point that spins you around and sets you off in a new direction.

You can hear the future calling as Mercury the Messenger in your 8th House of Regeneration ends its retrograde phase on April 4. A new you is ready to emerge, and all systems should be ready to go by the time Mercury enters unstoppable Aries and your 9th House of Adventure on April 16.

Meanwhile, energetic Mars -- retrograde in your 2nd House of Self-Worth since January 23 -- presented a series of challenges to your self-esteem, and possibly to your cash flow as well. You begin to regain momentum as you reassert yourself when Mars turns direct on April 13.
Although the forward movement of Mercury and Mars does a lot to put your life back on track, there are still complications for you to manage.

When the peace-seeking Libra Full Moon on April 6 illuminates your 3rd House of Communication, you must have a discussion with a family member or loved one. Dynamic aspects between adoring Venus, confusing Neptune and motivating Mars on April 5-7 will direct conversations toward clearing up a complex relationship misunderstanding.

The Sun's entry in dependable Taurus and your 10th House of Career on April 19, followed by the New Moon on April 21, reaffirms the validity of your professional ambitions and supplies you with the determination to accomplish your goals.

Keep in Mind this Month
No matter how enthusiastic you become when things start to go your way, remember that you must sustain your efforts to realize your dreams.

Key Dates for Leo

April 3 - 5: Daydream Believer
You're feeling playful with flirty Venus' entry into whimsical Gemini and your 11th House of Friends, Hopes and Wishes on April 3. Usually Venus speeds through a sign in about four weeks, but her retrograde cycle next month keeps her in your sociable 11th House until August 7. Nevertheless, this shift in your desires can be disorienting because Venus squares deceptive Neptune on April 5, seducing you to confuse your dreams with reality. Meanwhile, Mercury's direct turn on April 4 opens your thinking as you take stock of what you learned since it turned retrograde on March 12. A magical Jupiter-Neptune quintile on April 4 tilts the scales toward fantasy, encouraging you to embrace the potential of your imagination over the basic facts.

April 21 - 25: King of the Jungle
Your roar is loud and clear, Leo, when the strong-willed Taurus New Moon activates your 10th House of Status on April 21. Your instinctively bold approach is enriched by the New Moon's cooperative sextile to prophetic Neptune. This lunation's trine to superhero Mars gives you so much energy, you're suddenly a force to be reckoned with. Brainy Mercury's conjunction with electric Uranus buzzes your 9th House of Higher Truth on April 22, filling your head with unconventional ideas. But Mercury's square to obstinate Pluto on April 25 suggests that you will have to stand up to someone's posturing to maintain your authority.