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August 2012 Leo Horoscope

Through the eye of a needle

You must narrow your focus and postpone extraneous activities in order to reach your goals and feel positive about your life this month. You grow more socially active as the progressive Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 forms a coordinating trine with expansive Jupiter in your 11th House of Friends. But you may not want to be so outgoing when vulnerable Venus enters passive Cancer and your 12th House of Privacy on August 7. Luckily, communicator Mercury turns direct on August 8 in courageous Leo, encouraging you to say what's on your mind during the upcoming weeks.

You struggle to push your agenda forward through the first half of the month, as unstoppable Mars moves closer to a conjunction with immovable Saturn. The Mars-Saturn alignment on August 15 in your 3rd House of Learning can be a day of reckoning, when you become aware of what isn't working in your life. Acknowledging your frustration is a first step to overcoming anger or resentment; otherwise, intense feelings can quickly escalate a seemingly minor difference of taste into an all-out conflict.

The Leo New Moon on August 17 is your own personal New Year's Day, a time to set your intentions for the next six months. Don't scatter your energy in celebration; the Sun's shift into perfectionist Virgo on August 22 and Mars's move into observant Scorpio on August 23 remind you of the importance of concentration and self-discipline. However, the diffusive Pisces Full Moon on August 31 brightens your 8th House of Transformation, suggesting that it's now time to soften your focus and practice more flexibility when looking ahead.

Keep in Mind this Month
Although your progress can raise expectations about what you might accomplish, don't bite off more than you can chew just to prove you can.

Key Dates for Leo

August 15-17: Face Your Fears
Unexpressed tensions in both personal and professional relationships are suddenly exposed when Venus in moody Cancer opposes passionate Pluto on August 15 and squares explosive Uranus on August 16. You may feel trapped as hot Mars runs into cold Saturn. You cannot force your way ahead, and you may not be able to gracefully retreat. Minor irritations can turn to anger if you aren't persistent and patient. But the Sun's cooperative sextile with responsible Saturn on August 17, followed by the resolute Leo New Moon, clears the way for you to make decisions as you begin the next phase of your journey.

August 29: Be Your Own Hero
You are a force to be reckoned with when the industrious Virgo Sun in your 2nd House of Personal Resources forms a smooth trine with relentless Pluto, supplying apparently inexhaustible power to get nearly any job done. Don't be afraid to defend your ideas; you can win almost any argument as witty Mercury creates a useful sextile with authoritative Saturn, adding weight and humor to your words.