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February 2012 Leo Horoscope

The stuff of dreams

Take the high road in your interactions with others this month. Karmic Saturn in relationship-oriented Libra backs off when he turns retrograde on Feb. 7, but the individualistic Leo Full Moon, also on Feb. 7, reminds you of your unfulfilled needs and encourages you to express your desires.

The spotlight on your personal and professional partnerships intensifies as planets shift from your 7th House of Companions to your 8th House of Intimacy this month. Your relationship expectations grow more idealistic when Neptune makes the transition on Feb. 3, but its effects can be quite subtle since it remains in your transformational 8th House for 13 years. It's easier to face the facts when interactive Mercury trines no-nonsense Saturn and enters your 8th house on Feb. 13, but your dreaming continues because Mercury hooks up with otherworldly Neptune on Feb. 14. You have a wonderful grasp on both reality and fantasy right now, so use it to your advantage. This pattern of disillusionment followed by re-enchantment is repeated when the willful Sun trines somber Saturn on Feb. 18 and enters magical Pisces and your 8th house to join ethereal Neptune on Feb. 19.

The Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21 is part of a 5-planet cluster in your 8th house, giving birth to a new you that is more sensitive and compassionate, while also luring you into unfamiliar emotional waters that can dampen your otherwise fiery nature.

Keep in Mind this Month
Although you might feel unsteady when emotions overtake logic, trust your intuition. You could be given an opportunity to share feelings on a deeper level if you let down your guard.

Key Dates for Leo

Feb. 6 - 9: Truth Has Consequences
You speak your mind before thinking about how others might react on Feb. 6, when the Sun and communicative Mercury form expressive semisquares with explosive Uranus. Your partner or workmate will surely give you the other side of the story as the dramatic Leo Full Moon on Feb. 7 opposes a Sun-Mercury conjunction in your 7th House of Relationships. Additionally, an uncomfortable Venus-Saturn quincunx is like mixing oil and water; conversation doesn't bring you any closer to satisfaction. Nevertheless, taking a risk may pay off for you when creative Venus enters fearless Aries on Feb. 8 and hooks up with surprising Uranus on Feb. 9.

Feb. 23 - 25: Sweet Surrender
You seem easygoing now with verbal Mercury in sympathetic Pisces. However, its tense opposition to contentious Mars in your 2nd House of Self-Worth on Feb. 23 can reveal issues of low self-esteem, causing you to lash out at someone to hide your insecurity. Unfortunately, this behavior won't win you any friends. It's wiser to acknowledge your vulnerability when the Sun conjuncts Chiron the Wounded Healer on Feb. 24. Cooperation rather than competition allows you to gain the most benefit from the opportunistic Sun-Jupiter sextile on Feb. 25.