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July 2012 Leo Horoscope

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Although the flow of information increases this month, you can handle the noise by quickly integrating what you learn with what you already know. Superhero Mars noticeably kicks up the pace of personal interactions and gives you strong influence over others when he enters charming Libra and your 3rd House of Communication on July 3. Also on July 3, the practical Capricorn Full Moon casts its light on your 6th House of Work, drawing your mind away from dreaming about the big picture and inviting you to concentrate on more immediate tasks.

Mental Mercury in dramatic Leo is another indication of your heightened need to be in communication with your friends and associates. The Winged Messenger's retrograde turn on July 14 ushers in a three-week period that can bring delays, missed connections, and miscommunications -- all magnified for you because it takes place in your 1st House of Self.

Your life grows more stressful around the emotionally powerful Cancer New Moon on July 19, which falls in your 12th House of Privacy. You may want to retreat, yet impetuous Mars forms a struggling square to domineering Pluto on July 17, and a tension-releasing opposition to rowdy Uranus on July 18, which could make peace and quiet an unobtainable fantasy.

Big issues concerning the overall purpose of your life fill your thoughts as philosophical Jupiter makes four separate aspects on July 18-24. Thankfully, a pair of accommodating trines ends the month on an upbeat note, suggesting that a strategic risk will pay off if you are patient enough to wait for your rewards.

Keep in Mind this Month
You're feeling ambitious, but remember it's not all about getting ahead at work. Take time off and smell the flowers.

Key Dates for Leo

July 1-4: Lost and Found
You feel alienated or underappreciated, with satisfaction out of reach, when popular Venus in your 11th House of Friends runs into sobering Saturn's negativity on July 1. On July 3-4, secretive Pluto forms comfortable quincunxes with innocent Venus and interactive Mercury, revealing previously hidden motives in a relationship that may have an imbalance of power. The calculating Capricorn Full Moon, also on July 3, allows you to contain your emotions and work toward resolving the stress. Additionally, action-planet Mars enters Libra the Scales, restoring equilibrium. Fortunately, easygoing aspects among Mercury, Venus and Uranus on July 4 allow you to quickly process the intensity of these days so you can move on without any lingering hard feelings.

July 15-19: A Perfect Storm
You struggle to overcome uncertainty as Jupiter in your 11th House of Goals slowly moves into a hard-to-manage quincunx with manipulative Pluto on July 18. A disheartening Sun-Saturn square on July 15 presents obstacles you must overcome with commitment and hard work. A tough Mars-Pluto square on July 17 reactivates an ongoing power struggle at work, but an enthusiastic Mars-Jupiter trine enables you to relinquish control in the moment so you can work toward a common goal. An electric Mars-Uranus opposition on July 18 can cut through the resistance like lightning, shock you with an innovative solution to a problem, and suddenly clear the air of tension. The nurturing Cancer New Moon on July 19 for turns your thoughts toward more personal matters, reminding you to take care of your loved ones.