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March 2012 Leo Horoscope

Hurry up and wait

Working hard to achieve your goals this month goes a long way toward getting the material support you need for career success. However, you may not see tangible results right away. Mars remains retrograde in your 2nd House of Income, possibly delaying financial rewards.

Additionally, quick-witted Mercury in impetuous Aries begins its three-week retrograde period on March 12, in your 9th House of Future Vision, revealing weak links in your logic that require you to rethink your long-term strategy. But don't let yourself get discouraged; the obstacles you face now are meant to give you more time to strengthen your plans. Instead of taking on new projects, build on what you've already started.

Luckily, acting with integrity will gain you the respect you deserve when Mars backs into a stabilizing Grand Earth Trine with motivational Jupiter, tasteful Venus, and powerful Pluto on March 13-14. Don't be afraid to take a stand at work for what you believe is right.

You must make a decision that will affect your long-term finances when the analytical Virgo Full Moon on March 8 activates your 2nd house. Even if you want to work with someone in particular, don't let your emotional attachments get in the way of critical thinking.

The Vernal Equinox is marked by the Sun's entry into pioneering Aries and your 9th house on March 20, firing up your wanderlust and urging you to go on an adventure. The Aries New Moon on March 22 is conjunct Mercury and eye-opening Uranus, galvanizing your desire to travel or enroll in a new course of study. The productive Saturn-Pluto quintile on March 28 helps you bring your plans to fruition.

Keep in Mind this Month
Your current lesson is about patience. Although your need for excitement and adventure grows, you likely won't be able to make your getaway just yet

Key Dates for Leo

March 2 - 5: Cool Your Jets
Your brain is jumping with fascinating concepts that explode into your awareness. Mental Mercury's leap into restless Aries on March 2 and its conjunction with electrifying Uranus on March 5 makes it difficult for you to relax. You struggle to turn your words into action because your mind is so hyperactive you can't articulate your thoughts. Nevertheless, you want to have your way, and tempers may flare as retrograde Mars opposes the Sun on March 3. Although your thinking doesn't settle down, a Venus-Saturn opposition on March 4, followed by the love planet's entry into easygoing Taurus on March 5, helps you take a more grounded approach to interacting with others.

March 22 - 24: Ready to Rumble
You encounter obstacles on March 22, thanks to a discouraging opposition between antagonistic Mars and vulnerable Chiron, and your argumentative attitude can make matters even worse. Fortunately, an exciting Aries New Moon conjunct Uranus the Awakener activates your 9th House of Future Vision, taking your mind off your recent troubles and psyching you up about what's ahead. Logical Mercury retrogrades back into sensitive Pisces and your 8th House of Regeneration on March 23, softening your outlook and enabling you to better manage your current negativity. On March 24, the Sun's conjunction with Uranus suddenly shifts the energy, freeing you from your self-doubt and shaking up all your previous assumptions.