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May 2012 Leo Horoscope

A refreshing pause

Your life opens up this month with new options in front of you that offer great potential for growth. But you won't be ready for the future until you have thoroughly considered what you truly want. A series of expansive aspects to boundless Jupiter on May 4, May 7 and May 13 shows you the distant horizon and gives you enough confidence to reach it.

However, the complex Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 shines a spotlight in your 4th House of Foundations, possibly revealing ghosts from your past that now get in your way. Additionally, thoughtful Mercury's opposition to judgmental Saturn is like a stop sign that prevents your forward progress until you improve the weak parts of your plan. Resistance fades when Mercury enters steady Taurus on May 9, and a trio of helpful trines on May 13-16 fortifies your current position.

Your energy shifts, though, during the retrograde period of loving Venus from May 15 to June 27. This reversal occurs in your 11th House of Social Networking, and is a time to look back at previous relationships to gauge what you lost or gained, and perhaps even rekindle an old romance.

You could question the relevance of your current ambitions when optimistic Jupiter in your 10th House of Career forms unsettling aspects with pessimistic Saturn on May 16, and with suspicious Pluto on May 17. The restless Gemini Solar Eclipse on May 20 shakes your futuristic 11th House of Groups, motivating you to create new friendships that reflect your current interests, rather than maintain old ones that seem to have lost their relevance.

Keep in Mind this Month
Instead of diligently pushing ahead with your agenda, take a strategic time-out to revitalize your body and reignite your enthusiasm.

Key Dates for Leo

May 3-7: Pursuit of Happiness
You can charm your way into nearly anyone's heart on May 3, when chatty Mercury forms a slick sextile with congenial Venus in your 11th House of Friends. But you might overstep your bounds without realizing it, because a pair of imaginative quintiles on May 4 -- the first between confident Jupiter and maverick Chiron, and the second between the Sun and surreal Neptune -- enables you to explore new professional possibilities. However, if you try to circumvent reality, an unforgiving Mercury-Saturn opposition on May 5 could send you back to the drawing board to remap your strategy. An emotional Scorpio Full Moon the same day can distract you with an intense interaction on the home front. By the time Jupiter forms a mind-expanding semisquare with rebellious Uranus on May 7, you're ready to grab on to any good idea that you think has promise.

May 13-16: Great Expectations
An exuberant Sun-Jupiter conjunction on May 13 floods you with contentment. A Grand Earth Trine through May 16 -- with smart Mercury, courageous Mars and resolute Pluto -- empowers you to follow through on your promises and turn a big idea into an enduring success. But attractive Venus turns retrograde on May 15, indicating that your desires may have changed since you began your current course. Move ahead cautiously, for an all-or-nothing Jupiter-Saturn quincunx on May 16 suggests that your career goals could transform over the coming months.