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November 2011 Leo Horoscope

Mix and mingle

Your mood turns more playful this month as planets move into your 5th House of Fun and Games. The action starts on Nov. 2, when communicative Mercury and captivating Venus enter extroverted Sagittarius to get the party started. Your inhibitions may fade when Mercury and Venus form spirited trines with unconventional Uranus on Nov. 3, and optimism could lead to foolishness on Nov. 7 when active Mars opposes phantasmagoric Neptune, tempting you to wear yourself out chasing fantasies. If you do wander off the beaten path, reality will call you back quickly with the Full Moon in sensible Taurus on Nov. 10.

Your balloon of optimism begins to inflate again on Nov. 20 when the Sun squares Neptune, sending hopes high with little regard for the facts. The Sun's entry into enthusiastic Sagittarius and your romantic 5th house on Nov. 22 warms your heart and attracts a spotlight and an audience for your delight.

You may have to put on the brakes when Mercury turns retrograde on Nov. 24, and prepare yourself for some backtracking during the next three weeks. The Sagittarius New Moon on Nov. 25 is a Solar Eclipse that connects with extravagant Jupiter, sending another signal that you need to exercise self-restraint.

Keep in Mind this Month
Maintain emotional balance to avoid being shaken by the extremes of unrealistic expectations and crashing disappointments.

Key Dates for Leo

Nov. 2 - 3: Free to Frolic
You're about to blast off with clever ideas, exciting social plans, and maybe even a new look. Stylish Venus and witty Mercury sashay into your playful 5th House of Fun on Nov. 2 to lift your spirits, amuse your friends, and attract more romance into your life. On Nov. 3, others can't help but notice you as spicy Venus and Mars harmoniously trine wild and crazy Uranus, kicking up your sense of spontaneity and adventure.

Nov. 22 - 25: Raring to Go
These action-filled days kick off when the Sun soars into inspirational Sagittarius on Nov. 22. The uplifting energy of this Fire sign gets a boost with a trine from high-frequency Uranus on Nov. 23. Then the flow of information slows when Mercury the Messenger turns backward on Nov. 24. Normally, an optimistic Sagittarius New Moon could wash away your worries. However, this lunation on Nov. 25 is a Solar Eclipse square Mars in Virgo that will require repairs and readjustments in 5th-house matters such as romance, creativity and children. Don't force a situation if stepping back to take a second look will show you a better solution.