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October 2011 Leo Horoscope

Extreme makeover

Your month begins on an enthusiastic note and then turns more introspective as planets start moving into your 4th House of Security. The excitement starts with a passionate square between enterprising Mars in Leo and confident Jupiter on Oct. 3. This high-energy planetary pair encourages you to take professional risks that can accelerate your ambitions -- or cause you to overreach and fall.

Your attention turns inward when Venus enters piercing Scorpio and your 4th house on Oct. 9. You may face emotional challenges on the home front if you sense a lack of support or encounter self-doubt.

The impatient Aries Full Moon spotlighting your 9th House of Adventure on Oct. 11 agitates your wanderlust. However, dutiful Saturn's opposition to this Full Moon slows you down with immediate responsibilities that you must meet before you can even think about leaving town.

Perceptive Mercury's entry into emotional Scorpio on Oct. 13 is part of the descent from ideas to instincts that will reconnect you with your roots, especially when the Sun moves into transformative Scorpio and your 4th house on Oct. 23. The Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 26 opposite auspicious Jupiter pits privacy needs against professional opportunities.

Keep in Mind this Month

Investigating your motives shows you where to stop struggling and where to invest even more time and energy.

Key Dates for Leo

Oct 1 - 3: Bring it down a notch

Two overly optimistic Jupiter aspects can lead to miscalculations. The Sun's quincunx to the giant planet on Oct. 1 encourages you to make big promises that can be difficult to keep. While you're wise to creatively stretch your boundaries, pushing them beyond reason can prove costly. Combative Mars' square with Jupiter on Oct. 3 could turn a small difference of opinion into a major blow-up, so cool down if tempers are about to flare.


Oct 26 - 28: Out of your element

Expect social stress on Oct. 26 when an awkward Venus-Mars square accompanies the secretive Scorpio New Moon. Personal questions can feel uncomfortably invasive now. Mercury's square to Mars on Oct. 28 sharpens words and intensifies inquiries. The second of three trines between Jupiter and Pluto on Oct. 28 can reveal brutal truths that affect your job. The Sun's sextile to Pluto, though, supplies good judgment for knowing when to fight and when to walk away. Still, the Sun's opposition to Jupiter spurs a tendency toward exaggeration that can shift your priorities between home and work.