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September 2011 Leo Horoscope

Down to Business

Financial matters continue to be key this month as the Sun remains in your 2nd House of Income until September 23. On September 9, mercantile Mercury enters Virgo, its earthy home sign and your 2nd house, which helps you wrap your mind around the details you need to critically assess resources and investments. The Full Moon in supersensitive Pisces on September 12 occurs in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. A passionate partner -- personal or professional -- may express some unrealistic ideas that you won't want to accept.

You get a major charge when rambunctious Mars enters Leo on September 18, boosting your vitality and increasing your willingness to take risks. The Sun's shift into Libra on the September 23 is the Autumn Equinox, bringing the light of objectivity to your intellectual 3rd house. Messenger Mercury follows suit on September 25 to further enhance your negotiating and communication skills. On September 27, the Libra New Moon opposes unstable Uranus and squares powerful Pluto, a volatile combination that is likely to upset everyone's equilibrium.

Keep in Mind this Month

Tighten up your ship by finishing old business. Then you can launch your next major project from a reliable and ready vessel.

Key Dates for Leo

Sep 2: Lucky Break

You're filled with optimism and gifted with clear vision today, yet have both feet solidly on the ground. The Sun's fulfilling trine with global Jupiter broadens your professional perspective and opens your mind to new ideas that can advance your career. You might earn recognition in your current position, or be inspired to initiate a more ambitious plan for success.


Sep 27 - 28: Pushing Buttons

The New Moon in Libra on September 27 could create chaos in your chatty 3rd house. This event in gracious Libra is usually a time when you can work your charm and turn enemies into friends. Yet with a brilliant but high-strung Mercury-Uranus opposition that day followed by an intense Sun-Pluto square on September 28, you may not be able to keep your cool. Mouthy Mercury adds verbal fuel to the fire and dark thoughts to deepen suspicion by joining the Sun and squaring Pluto as well. Nevertheless, if you can avoid blame or shame, valuable information may finally come to light.