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January 2012 Libra Horoscope

Fantasy island

You may begin the year with heightened expectations about love. Your ruling planet, Venus, in your 5th House of Romance aligns with Mars in your 12th House of Destiny on Jan. 1. But bridging the gap between what you want and what you have can be tricky business when Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, form an ill-adjusted quincunx on Jan. 7.

Demands at work can also put stress on domestic conditions when the security-conscious Cancer Full Moon spotlights your 10th House of Public Responsibility on Jan. 9. Thankfully, balancing your dreams with reality is within reach on Jan. 13 as Venus forms a harmonious trine with stable Saturn and hooks up with ethereal Neptune. You must work extra-hard now to get the results you desire, but the potential rewards are well worth the wait.

Venus enters psychic Pisces and your 6th House of Self-Improvement on Jan. 14, helping you figure out what you must do to get your needs met. However, her conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer on Jan. 16 can remind you of a hurtful situation from your past, increasing your vulnerability. But the quirky Aquarius New Moon on Jan. 23 falls in your 5th house, tempting you to indulge your playful fantasies and avoid your obligations. Although Venus' alignment to naysaying Saturn on Jan. 25 may raise doubts or fears about a personal or business relationship, her anxious aspect to buoyant Jupiter on Jan. 28 encourages you to overcompensate and say yes to just about everything.

Keep in Mind this Month
Although you may be afraid that your illusions won't last when confronted by reality, letting go of impossible dreams makes way for true satisfaction.

Key Dates for Libra

Jan. 1: Take a deep breath
Someone's well-aimed criticism can hit you where it hurts today, because messenger Mercury in your 3rd House of Communication forms a conflictive square with warrior Mars in precise Virgo. Instead of losing your temper, slowly count to ten. You can easily turn things around if you respond lovingly, since you have a creative Venus-Mars biquintile on your side.

Jan. 12 - 13: Dream catcher
You are blessed with enough energy to realize your goals on Jan. 12, when the willful Sun in ambitious Capricorn trines action-hero Mars. You may blur the lines between current circumstances and your romantic fantasies on Jan. 13 when your planetary ruler, Venus, conjuncts otherworldly Neptune in your 5th House of Love, allowing dreams to overflow into your waking life. Thankfully, artistic Venus also harmoniously trines businesslike Saturn, enabling you to turn the most sensible parts of your idealistic vision into reality. Don't wait; create a plan and put it into action immediately.