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July 2012 Libra Horoscope

Full steam ahead

Impulsive Mars blasts into reactive Libra on July 3, firing you up with a fresh burst of energy. You may feel more competitive with Mars in your 1st House of Self until August 23, but you are also motivated to work in concert with others because you realize that cooperation enables you to accomplish more than working alone.

With the Sun in watery Cancer and your 10th House of Career until July 22, your emotions play a significant role in your career decisions. However, the dutiful Capricorn Full Moon in your 4th House of Domestic Conditions on July 3 reminds you that family responsibilities might conflict with your professional ambitions. Meanwhile, graceful Venus dances her way through whimsical Gemini and your 9th House of Adventure, attracting you to an endless parade of interesting people and events.

You may begin to wonder if the revolving door of fascinating experiences is merely a noisy distraction when interactive Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th House of Friends and Wishes on July 14. Still, you aren't willing to give up your active social life, because irrepressible Mars and four other planets align with indulgent Jupiter on July 17-24.

If you are overextended, a volcanic square from red-hot Mars to domineering Pluto on July 17 and an opposition to volatile Uranus on July 18 could precipitate a relationship crisis. Luckily, the self-protective Cancer New Moon on Key Dates for forms magical aspects with spontaneous Mars and imaginative Neptune, inspiring you to pull a creative solution out of thin air.

Keep in Mind this Month
If you're feeling stressed in a relationship, don't try to change your partner. The real path to harmony is making peace with yourself.

Key Dates for Libra

July 3-4: Forward March
The best way for you to advance during the ambitious Capricorn Full Moon on July 3 is to find a balance between getting what you want in the outer world and at home. Pushy Mars' entry into peace-loving Libra is a mixed blessing that increases your vitality but can upset the status quo if you don't manage the uncharacteristic aggression that the warrior planet brings. Fortunately, on July 4 persuasive Venus harmonizes with an innovative Mercury-Uranus trine, enabling you to use your witty charm and talk others into supporting your unconventional plan.

July 15-19: Twist of Fate
You question your own wisdom about a career matter when the Sun in your 10th House of Responsibility squares doubting Saturn on July 15. An optimistic Mars-Jupiter trine on July 17 helps you to maintain a positive attitude about your future, even if the present is fraught with struggles as someone tries to undermine your efforts. The trouble indicated by Mars's square to suspicious Pluto on July 17 probably won't be resolved in the manner you expect, because Mars opposes rebellious Uranus on July 18, releasing pent-up tensions and maybe even precipitating a breakup. Fortunately, the caring Cancer New Moon on July 19 falls in your public 10th House of Career, allowing you to mend hurt feelings among your co-workers and set positive intentions for the days ahead.