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May 2012 Libra Horoscope

Flying in circles

You are happily freed from delays and obstacles that have blocked your progress this year, but you may still need to overcome your own lack of motivation. Both mental Mercury and physical Mars turned direct last month, and now that they have regained their normal speeds, you're finally able to act on your thoughts.

But ironically, your ruling planet, Venus -- in inquisitive Gemini and your 9th House of Adventure -- slows to a standstill through the first half of the month. The planet of love turns retrograde on May 15, focusing your desires on recapturing the past instead of anticipating the variety of pleasures that await you in the future. Fortunately, this period -- until Venus turns direct on June 27 -- can stabilize your love life and give you the chance to solidify long-term plans for travel or education later in the year, because Venus syncs up in a near trine to realistic Saturn throughout the entire month.

Meanwhile, the complicated Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 highlights your 2nd House of Personal Resources, possibly revealing financial problems that negatively impact a relationship. An opposition from candid Mercury in your 7th House of Partnerships to frugal Saturn indicates that serious discussions can lead you to a more mature way of handling your money. But your fiscal condition is likely tied to jointly held possessions and maybe even an emotional entanglement, because Jupiter in your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources is pressured by Saturn and Pluto on May 16-17. The changeable Gemini New Moon Eclipse on May 20 excites your 9th House of Big Ideas, shifting your focus away from recent financial and relationship concerns and instilling you with hope for your future.

Keep in Mind this Month
Finding satisfaction in the present moment can be a real challenge if you're always thinking about the possibilities of what you can do tomorrow.

Key Dates for Libra

May 5-8: Bent Out of Shape
Normally, you play well with others, but outspoken Mercury's tense opposition with judgmental Saturn on May 5 forces you to take a stand if someone is overly critical of your ideas. It's crucial to think about what you're going to say before you open your mouth. The powerful Scorpio Full Moon pushes you to emotional extremes that could reduce the effectiveness of your argument if your feelings get in the way of coolheaded logic. There is a lot riding on this struggle, with overblown Jupiter forming an anxious semisquare to volatile Uranus on May 7. If you aren't achieving your desired results, consider backing off instead of escalating the battle. Aggressive Mars tangles with unruly Uranus on May 8, making it difficult to control your temper. Remember, patience is the most effective way to reach your objectives.

May 20-23: Window of Opportunity
Your brain buzzes with innovation on May 20 thanks to chatty Mercury's stressful semisquare to brilliant Uranus, while a breezy Gemini Solar Eclipse clears the air of negativity. At first, you may wonder if your ideas are actually worthy of pursuit, but Mercury's conjunction with confident Jupiter on May 22 falls in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, inspiring you to take a risk and share your plans. Make sure that you stick to the facts, because Jupiter encourages you to exaggerate while a fantasy-prone Sun-Neptune square on May 23 tempts you to tell a tall tale to impress someone special.