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October 2011 Libra Horoscope

A change will do you good

Taking a stand in relationships is your top priority this month. The first signal to dive in and examine the core of your desires comes when sensuous Venus slithers into Scorpio and your 2nd House of Self-Worth on Oct. 9. Your ruling planet's entry into this passionate sign intensifies your needs, both emotionally and materially. Venus' opposition to giant Jupiter on Oct. 14 makes you hungry for love and attention, which could lead to risky behavior like gambling your heart on someone who doesn't deserve it. And the Full Moon in restless Aries and your 7th House of Partnerships on Oct. 11 is another source of tension, but one that should lead to more clarity.

On Oct. 23 the Sun moves into tenacious Scorpio, energizing your resourceful 2nd house to revive old talents and uncover hidden assets. The dynamic Scorpio New Moon on Oct. 26 is opposite buoyant Jupiter, boosting your morale and encouraging you to take chances. Jupiter's second of three trines to Pluto, on Oct. 28, enriches you with far-reaching ambition and the resolve to achieve your goals.

Keep in Mind this Month

Aligning yourself with independent people allows you to focus on your own needs instead of trying to carry someone else's load.

Key Dates for Libra

Oct 6 - 7: Logic and love

Gather your thoughts and make a statement on Oct. 6, when expressive Mercury joins serious Saturn. Turn off the distractions to focus your mind on what's most important to you now. You gain authority by measuring your words carefully and speaking purposefully. Your heart feels lighter on Oct. 7 when a delicious trine between indulgent Venus and fanciful Neptune puts you in a romantic mood.


Oct 11 - 14: Fearless leader

The feisty Aries Full Moon in your 7th House of Others on Oct. 11 can attract an exciting person -- or an impatient one who pushes you to make a quick commitment. If you're prepared to try something new, this could be the time to jump in. Just don't allow yourself to be pushed when you're not ready. Your intuition kicks in on Oct. 12 with a soft-spoken Mercury-Neptune trine. But if you find that you've gone too far or too fast, hit the brakes on Oct. 13. A savvy sextile between Venus and Pluto and Mercury's entry into discerning Scorpio help you see below the surface, reevaluate the situation, and perform a needed course correction. The Sun's conjunction with authoritative Saturn makes it clear that you are your own boss. Passing this test of self-control leads to relaxation and rewards you with an indulgent opposition between Venus and Jupiter on Oct. 14.