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March Horoscope 2012

Transforming Dreams Into Reality

Finding a consistent pace is a challenge this month. March begins with aggressive Mars moving backward in Virgo, entangling us in minor details and system snafus that will require more maintenance than usual until this planet turns forward again on April 13. Yet we may lack patience with brainy Mercury's move into impulsive Aries on March 2. This transit hurries thinking and conversations, which is excellent for triggering bright new ideas, but weak on follow-through.

The situation grows more complicated when Mercury crawls to a stop and turns retrograde on March 12. The messenger planet slides back into slippery Pisces on March 23, further fuzzing (or inspiring) minds before finally shifting back into forward gear on April 4. Gaining intellectual traction and getting back up to speed may not occur until Mercury's return to Aries on April 16. In plain English, minds wander, ideas get lost and managing data grows more complex. Still, intuition and imagination can flourish in this unstable intellectual environment.

Pleasure, though, is a different story, as the desire to fulfill our needs can be persistent as of March 5. That's when satisfaction-seeking Venus enters sensual Taurus, her earthy home sign where self-indulgence is encouraged. There may be no limit to our physical appetites as hunger for food, love and comfort can overcome self-restraint. Perhaps it's Venus' opposition with strict Saturn on March 4 that makes us feel cold, lonely and underappreciated, and which drives us to overeat and stay stuck with habitual patterns.

Fortunately, there's a gigantic wave of opportunity, energy and experience mid-month when expansive Jupiter forms a harmonious trine with potent Pluto on March 12, and Venus trines Pluto and joins Jupiter in Taurus on March 13. This powerful lineup can reveal hidden resources and favor good financial decisions. Additional drive comes on March 14 when Venus trines aggressive Mars as Mars trines Jupiter and Pluto. This is a four-planet Grand Trine in Earth signs, which is one of the most beneficial patterns for combining big plans with the strategic sense of how to turn them into reality.

Transforming dreams into reality is also a theme of the Virgo Full Moon on March 8. This lunar opposition from pragmatic Virgo to the Sun in idealistic Pisces signals the need for greater efficiency and recognition that big accomplishments come from taking many small steps. Electricity is in the air and sparks will continue to fly starting with Mercury's high-frequency conjunction with Uranus on March 18. Brilliant ideas and communication breakdowns represent two extremes of this electrifying event.

The Sun shoots into spontaneous Aries on March 20, provoking quick reactions and spurring fresh ideas. The New Moon in Aries on March 22 ignites the urge for immediate action, which is excellent for breaking free of old habits, but not great for planning. This lunation is very close to Uranus, which the Sun joins on March 24, and is likely to produce explosions that can be liberating when we temper them with flexibility and dangerous when we are obstinate.