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December 2011 Pisces Horoscope

Onward and upward

A profound year draws to an end as intense planetary cycles deepen your feelings and increase your resonance with the spiritual dimensions of your life. Passionate Pluto in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes is joined by needy Venus on Dec. 1, motivating you to get in touch with your buried desires and feeding an insatiable hunger for more than you have. On Dec. 29, Pluto is joined by the Sun, demanding that you take these yearnings to the next step and establish long-term goals for the year ahead.

Although interactive Mercury is retrograde in your 10th House of Career until Dec. 13, there won't be a shortage of action on the job. In fact, sluggish communication or delays in scheduling that have increased your frustration can erupt into outright conflict when angry Mars squares off with the ambitious Capricorn Sun on Dec. 2 and with quarrelsome Mercury on Dec. 4. Fortunately, a sweet Venus-Mars trine on Dec. 5 allows you to shake hands in agreement or kiss and make up.

The fidgety Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on Dec. 10 spotlights your 4th House of Security, rocking your emotional foundation and increasing your uncertainty about professional plans. The hectic pace of the holiday season finally starts to hit home when Mercury's direct turn on Dec. 13 is augmented by an indulgent Mars-Jupiter connection on Dec. 16. Your behavior swings between Scrooge-like restraint and uncontained generosity -- it's all a wild ride leading up to the Winter Solstice on Dec. 22, when the Sun enters conservative Capricorn.

Keep in Mind this Month
It's not about reaching the mountaintop. It's about seeing it clearly in your mind's eye, putting intent into your vision, and creating a strategy to get there.

Key Dates for Pisces

Dec. 20 - 24: Endless Possibilities
Beautiful Venus is the key player on Dec. 20 as she enters emotionally cool Aquarius and your 12th House of Secrets and Spirituality. You may not be so open now with the vulnerability of your heart, yet Venus' square to joyous Jupiter puts you in a partying mode and allows you to express your positive feelings. The love planet's sextile to radical Uranus on Dec. 21 gives you the freedom to be quite unorthodox, but you are of two minds. Social etiquette has its place on the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters traditional Capricorn on Dec. 22, yet an overpermissive Sun-Jupiter trine says that anything goes. Although the Sun-Uranus square, also on Dec. 22, can add enough adrenaline to push you over the edge of self-restraint, the steadfast Capricorn New Moon on Dec. 24 is a counterbalance that helps you regroup and stabilize your life.

Dec. 29: Dream Weaver
You are like a caterpillar undergoing a powerful metamorphosis as the Sun-Pluto conjunction shines the light of your awareness into a dark cocoon. This alignment in your 11th House of Goals can reveal a penetrating vision of you as the unformed butterfly. You're still in transition, but actively dreaming of your future now is a key ingredient in creating it.