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February 2012 Pisces Horoscope

Divine intervention

You're tempted to think about avoiding the challenges of daily life now, because the Sun in your 12th House of Spirituality until Feb. 19 tends to distract your attention from mundane activities. But instead of escaping into a fantasy world, you're meant to transmit images and dreams that inspire everyone around you. Still, your attraction to environments without rules and other states of consciousness is strengthened when your modern ruling planet Neptune returns to psychic Pisces on Feb. 3. Its previous visit to your sign from April 4 - Aug. 4, 2011, was a preview of a transit that will now last until 2025. Your dual existence between the worlds of fact and faith is likely to become even more important in the years to come.

The expressive Leo Full Moon brightens your 6th House of Work on Feb. 7, generating bold ideas about your career. New ways to earn money can be kindled when resourceful Venus dashes into trailblazing Aries and your 2nd House of Income on Feb. 8.

The lure of creativity calls again when Mercury moves into watery Pisces on Feb. 13, followed there by the Sun on Feb. 19. The real magic happens, though, during the Pisces New Moon on Feb. 21, as it is connected with spiritual Neptune. Dreams are being seeded; when you nourish them with compassion, forgiveness and faith, they can grow into enduring expressions of your highest ideals.

Keep in Mind this Month
You have access to everything you need to be happy when you set aside your doubts and follow the flow of your positive feelings.

Key Dates for Pisces

Feb. 7 - 9: Spice up Your Life
You long to go to extremes on Feb. 7, but this will probably produce frustration rather than fulfillment. Affectionate Venus' ungainly quincunx with austere Saturn requires restraint that day despite the powerful emotions arising from the dramatic Leo Full Moon. On Feb. 8, however, Venus fires into pioneering Aries, where she joins ingenious Uranus on Feb. 9. This is a hot time for moneymaking ideas and spontaneous leaps of desire. Updating your image or investing in new equipment and training is bound to make your life more exciting.

Feb. 19 - 21: Star of the Show
The Sun's annual return to shape-shifting Pisces is a special event this year as it immediately joins your sign's modern ruling planet Neptune on Feb. 19. The difference between inspiration and illusion may elude you in this dreamy environment. Venus' squishy semisquare with Neptune on Feb. 21 feeds the fires of fantasy with romantic feelings that are not necessarily rooted in reality. However, the Pisces New Moon, also on Feb. 21, is a reminder that you can reinvent your sense of self and add more magic to your life. Imagine that you're an actor who gets to write his or her own part. Playing it with conviction turns it from fiction to a model of the new you. But if you're insincere in your new role, an exacting Mercury-Saturn sesquisquare will show you the false notes and point you back in the right direction.