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January 2012 Pisces Horoscope

Love and logic

The debate between your head and heart heats up with this month's stark contrast between romantic ideals and relationship realities. Reason's role, played by the Sun in pragmatic Capricorn, takes center stage when cerebral Mercury also enters this earthy sign on Jan. 8. Yet feelings flow freely when the sentimental Cancer Full Moon on Jan. 9 lights up your 5th House of Love and Creativity, bringing hopes for romance to fruition. In principle, this Full Moon's supportive sextile to active Mars in practical Virgo should help you keep at least one foot on the ground, yet it's a weak anchor against the winds of amour -- which will soon blow even stronger. On Jan. 14, Venus, the planet of attraction, dances into your poetic sign to further arouse your interest in intimacy. This transit tends to make you more desirable, too, inviting attention from others while encouraging your pursuit of pleasure.

Keeping partners happy can become more difficult when Mars turns retrograde in your 7th House of Relationships on Jan. 23. This backward turn of the aggression planet in persnickety Virgo lasts until April 13, requiring extra time and attention to keep alliances from unraveling. And the independent Aquarius New Moon on Jan. 23, falling in your 12th House of Privacy, activates your need for breathing space, tempting you to run away from your responsibilities.

Keep in Mind this Month
Use your common sense to manage your time efficiently and to establish the guidelines that allow you to safely experience intense emotions.

Key Dates for Pisces

Jan. 4: Don't press your luck
You can work your way through an awkward social situation or find methods to stretch your budget today as value-conscious Venus forms a creative quintile with your expansive co-ruling planet Jupiter. Just don't let good fortune overinflate your self-confidence; a slippery Sun-Neptune semisquare makes it easy for you to miscalculate your power and influence.

Jan. 13 - 14: Love without limits
Amorous and artistic Venus joins magical and dreamy Neptune on Jan. 13 to wash away inhibitions and stimulate your already vivid imagination. Your images of love, peace, romance, and beauty may exceed the limits of the material world, but instead of becoming lost in fantasy, let these discoveries inspire you to bring bits of heaven down to earth. Venus moves into mystical Pisces on Jan. 14, continuing this deliciously inspiring theme. While it might not be the best time for objective analysis of practical matters, you could find yourself in an exceptional state of grace. Venus' slick sextile with benevolent Jupiter garners approval and offers respect from your peers -- yet sensual delights may be its greatest reward.