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May 2012 Pisces Horoscope

Window of opportunity

Solid plans and values quake like tectonic plates this month, when your visionary ruling planet Jupiter forms stressful aspects with three outer planets. On May 7, a semisquare to electrifying Uranus can shock you with unexpected news, a sudden shift of circumstances, or a brilliant breakthrough that drastically alters your view of the future.

Unfortunately, you'll run into obstacles turning this newfound perspective into reality as Jupiter makes the first of three cranky quincunxes with stodgy Saturn in your 8th House of Deep Sharing on May 16. Delays due to uncertain partners may be repeated when this aspect recurs on December 22 and March 23, 2013, giving you more chances to get your allies on board. Lastly, Jupiter's ungainly sesquisquare with purging Pluto on May 17 challenges you to intensify your commitments or cut some of them loose.

The intense Scorpio Full Moon on May 5 in your 9th House of Big Ideas underscores the trend of stretching boundaries and seeking answers. Your natural desire to hold on to the past is overcome by the Moon's opposition to optimistic Jupiter. Thoughtful Mercury visits simplistic Taurus on May 9, supplying a desirable dose of common sense.

However, family matters grow complicated when loving Venus turns retrograde in your 4th House of Roots on May 15. Reviewing and repairing domestic issues continue until amenable Venus turns direct on June 27. The Sun and Moon both enter curious Gemini and your 4th House on May 20 to join in a New Moon Solar Eclipse that squares spacey Neptune to inspire dreams and sow confusion on the home front.

Keep in Mind this Month
You can see so far into the future, it's hard to pay attention to the present. Nevertheless, it's today's small steps that can take you to your dream destination.

Key Dates for Pisces

May 5-8: Born to Be Wild
You're hungry for adventure on May 5, thanks to a sexy Scorpio Full Moon in your 9th House of Faraway Places. Its opposition to boundless Jupiter expands your desire to escape the predictability of your daily routine, especially because trickster Mercury's opposition to stonewalling Saturn can make your world look so narrow. Energetic Jupiter and Mars form unsettling hard aspects with rebellious Uranus on May 7-8 that keep these restless feelings bubbling. It's healthier to experiment by trying new and different activities than to vent your emotions in outbursts of anger. In fact, if you push hard against someone, he or she may push back even harder. Pick your battles carefully or, even better, sidestep them entirely.

May 13-14: Claim Your Power
A joyous Sun-Jupiter conjunction in your 3rd House of Information broadens your mind and increases your powers of persuasion on May 13. The details of this big-picture perspective are filled in by a keenly observant Mercury-Mars trine. Just don't be too forceful with your ideas, because a sensitive Mercury-Venus aspect encourages you to interpret even innocent comments as harsh criticism. But you're likely to push on in your pursuit of knowledge and to make your points with an unwavering Mercury-Pluto trine on May 14. You feel little tolerance for weakness now that a pair of tense solar aspects to Saturn and Pluto demands your concentrated effort.